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From The Dead

‘From The Dead’ is Mark Billinghams 10th novel to feature his character, Detective Inspector Tom Thorne and is due for realease in the UK, 19th August 2010, as a hardcover edition.

‘Thorne’ has also been made into a TV series, with David Morrisey being cast in the title role.

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‘From The Dead’Synopsis:

It has been a decade since Alan Langford’s charred remains were discovered in his burnt-out car. His wife Donna was found guilty of conspiracy to murder her husband and served ten years in prison.

But just before she is released, Donna receives a nasty shock: an anonymous letter containing a photo of her husband. The man she hates with every fibre of her being – the man she paid to have murdered – seems very much alive and well

How is it possible that her husband is still alive? Where is he? Who sent the photo, and why?

DI Tom Thorne becomes involved in a case where nothing and no one are what they seem. It will take him much further from his London beat than he has ever been before – and closer to a killer who will do anything to protect his new life.

A gripping, relentlessly paced crime masterpiece, From the Dead goes deep into a seemingly unsolvable mystery, and provides the most shocking case yet in the dark, dangerous career of Tom Thorne.

Author Profile In Brief:

Mark Billingham originally hails from Birmingham in the West Midlands, but now lives in London with his wife and family.

He began his career as a TV writer and stand-up comedian, and still appears regularly, as both performer and MC, at The Comedy Store in London.

He has written several short stories for various anthologies, as well as numerous articles and essays for the press, about both writing in general and crime fiction in particular.

His website is fantastic, packed full of interesting facts and information. However, as I spent quite some time on my visit, I began to get the impression that everything has a very strong masculine slant to it, making me wonder what his opinion is of female crime fiction authors, given that there are some excellent ones out there just now.

Mark has a very full events schedule over the next few months, including a trip to the US in October, to attend the World Mystery Convention in San Francisco. I have selected just a couple of events to give you a taster of what is in the pipe-line, especially when he appears together with Stuart MacBride, another brilliant crime fiction author.

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