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“How A Detective Changed My Life”
A Guest Post By Rachel Amphlett

So much has happened, so quickly, in the past couple of years, that with the publishing of this, the fifth episode in the ‘Detective Kay Hunter’ series, I wanted to show my thanks to readers and bloggers, by sharing my whirlwind journey.

‘CALL TO ARMS’ – (Detective Kay Hunter #5)

Cover Image Of The Book 'Call To Arms' By Rachel AmphlettLoyalty has a price.

Kay Hunter has survived a vicious attack at the hands of one of the country’s most evil serial killers.

Returning to work after an enforced absence to recover, she discovers she wasn’t the only victim of that investigation.

DI Devon Sharp remains suspended from duties, and the team is in turmoil.

Determined to prove herself once more and clear his name, Kay undertakes to solve a cold case that links Sharp to his accuser.

But, as she gets closer to the truth, she realises her enquiries could do more harm than good.

Torn between protecting her mentor and finding out the truth, the consequences of Kay’s enquiries will reach far beyond her new role…

Hi! I am RACHEL AMPHLETT crime fiction and espionage thriller author

Image Of Author Rachel AmphlettBefore turning to writing, I played guitar in bands, worked as a TV and film extra, dabbled in radio as a presenter and freelance producer for the BBC, and worked in publishing as a sub-editor and editorial assistant.

I now wield a pen instead of a plectrum and write crime fiction and spy novels, including the ‘Dan Taylor’ espionage novels and the ‘Detective Kay Hunter’ series.

Originally from the UK and currently based in Brisbane, Australia, I proudly cite my writing influences as Michael Connelly, Lee Child, and Robert Ludlum. I am also a huge fan of Peter James, Val McDermid, Robert Crais, Stuart MacBride, and many more.

I am a member of ‘International Thriller Writers’ and the ‘Crime Writers Association’, with the Italian foreign rights for my debut novel, White Gold sold to Fanucci Editore’s TIMECrime imprint, and the first four books in the ‘Dan Taylor’ espionage series contracted to Germany’s, ‘Luzifer Verlag’.

A keen traveller, I hold both EU and Australian passports and can usually be found plotting my next trip two years in advance!

Email me: info@rachelamphlett.com

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Image Of Author Rachel Amphlett


A little under two years ago, a story idea popped into my head that would change my life forever.

I really didn’t imagine that this new character who was haunting my every waking moment would have such a profound effect on everything I do.

Back in April 2016, I was jotting down ideas for a story that I couldn’t get out of my head. I won’t share any spoilers here, but that half a page turned out to be the opening scene of the fourth book in the ‘Detective Kay Hunter’ series, Hell to Pay.

Originally, that was going to be a standalone story. The only thing was, I needed a detective to solve the case. Once the case was solved, that was it – I could move on to other stories.


Cover Image Of Book 'Hell To Pay' By Rachel AmphlettCould Kay’s need for revenge be her undoing, or will she survive to see justice served?

When a road traffic accident on a dark autumn night uncovers a disturbing conspiracy, Detective Sergeant Kay Hunter’s investigation exposes a ruthless serial killer exploiting vulnerable young women.

With her enemies unmasked and her career spiralling out of control, Kay’s determination to seek vengeance for the victims brings her dangerously close to those who want to silence her.

Undeterred, she uncovers the real reason behind a plot to destroy her career and sets in motion a terrifying chain of events.



My detective had other ideas.

Something about this resilient detective captured my imagination, and by the time I was halfway through the first draft, I was just along for the ride – the original book idea had morphed into a series with three novels ahead of the one that would become Hell to Pay, and they had taken on a life of their own.

Not only was I enjoying finding out about ‘Kay Hunter’, I was growing to love her team as well as her other half, ‘Adam’, who is a veterinarian.

I’m not one for rash decisions, but by the time I decided I had to organise a blog tour to help me spread the word about the publication of the first book in the series, Scared to Death, I knew I had to give it my all. I walked out of my job. Part of me was exhilarated by the challenge. The other half was terrified …. Scared to death, in fact.


Cover Image of 'Sacred To Death' by Rachel AmphlettA serial killer murdering for kicks. 

A detective seeking revenge.

When the body of a snatched schoolgirl is found in an abandoned biosciences building, the case is first treated as a kidnapping gone wrong. 

But Detective Kay Hunter isn’t convinced, especially when a man is found dead with the ransom money still in his possession.

When a second schoolgirl is taken, Kay’s worst fears are realised.

With her career in jeopardy and desperate to conceal a disturbing secret, Kay’s hunt for the killer becomes a race against time before he claims another life.

For the killer, the game has only just begun…

In October 2016, I returned to work on a part-time basis, the blog tour organised, and the book out of my hands ready for publication on 6 December 2016. I was ready.

It was now down to the readers. Would they like ‘Kay Hunter’?

In order to take my mind off my worries in the lead up to publication day, I got my head down and started writing the second book, Will to Live. I had to do something – I was running out of fingernails to chew.


Cover Image Of Book 'Will To Live' By Rachel AmphlettReputation is everything. 

When a packed commuter train runs over a body on a stretch of track known to locals as ‘Suicide Mile’, it soon transpires that the man was a victim of a calculated murder. 

As the investigation evolves and a pattern of murders is uncovered, Detective Sergeant Kay Hunter realises the railway’s recent reputation may be the work of a brutal serial killer. 

With a backlog of cold cases to investigate and attempting to uncover who is behind a professional vendetta against her, Kay must keep one step ahead of both the killer and her own adversaries. 

When a second murder takes place within a week of the first, she realises the killer’s timetable has changed, and she’s running out of time to stop him… 

The first reviews started coming in from book bloggers one week before Scared to Death was due to hit the shelves. I think I cried.

The past 18 months or so has been a whirlwind for me. Since Scared to Death, there have been three more ‘Kay Hunter’ books published, and I don’t have a job anymore. I’m now a full-time writer – and it’s all thanks to you, the readers and bloggers who have helped to make this series a success. Thank you.

On 11 March, 2018 the fifth book in the series, Call to Arms was published, and I can’t wait to share ‘Kay Hunter’s’ next investigation with you!

Image Of Author Rachel Amphlett


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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • A whirlwind, indeed! It’s always interesting to hear how an author creates his or her characters and stories, so thanks for sharing this guest post, Yvonne. It sounds like an exciting series and one I might try out at some point.

    • I have read the first book in the series and thoroughly enjoyed the characters and story telling. I have the remaining books still sat in my TBR pile, but I do fully intend to read them all very soon!

      I found it quite intriguing that Rachel’s first thoughts regarding the character Kay Hunter and the story she wove around her, then turned out to be the fourth book in the series.

      Working a series backwards and then forwards sounds as though it is making life difficult for yourself, although I suppose in reality, it is no different to writing a novel or film script prequel.

      Not being a fan of prequels in general, I am so pleased that Rachel got all the books written and then published in order.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

    • Rachel seems to have been very sensible in her approach to becoming a full time writer, first making certain that she has a character that her readers can relate to and empathise with, firmly in place, before making the break from her paid employment.

      The ‘Kay Hunter’ series has attracted nothing but positive ratings and reviews and I aim to catch up with my outstanding episodes very soon.

      Happy Reading 🙂

Written by Yvonne