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‘Love Me To Death’
by Susan Gee
Blog Tour / Guest Post

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Despite the challenging times with which we are faced, the Aria Fiction and NetGalley teams, have pulled out all the stops to make this Blog Tour a success.

With Fiction Books stop on the tour being quite close to the opening date, I’m sure that there will be plenty of extracts, author guest posts and interviews which are still to be shared, so why not visit a few of the upcoming tour participants and see what goodies are on offer … A full first half schedule of Blog Tour spots, is shown below!

Cover Reveal Image for the book 'Love Me To Death' by author Susan Gee


Cover image of the book 'Love Me To Death' by author Susan GeeSomething sinister stirs in Stockport…

The police find a young woman’s body in the woods the same week a couple discover a crude, handmade doll in Lyme Park. But are the two findings connected… or a strange coincidence?

In a town full of loners and unhappy families, nothing is as it seems…

All Mr Anderson wants is a family. After his elderly mother died, he was almost unbearably lonely. Now it’s time for him to claim his own.

All Jacob wants is for Maggie to love him back. She only has eyes for the Vincent twins – but maybe he can make her see just how much he cares.

And everyone is a suspect.


Image of author Susan GeeSusan Gee is a crime writer from Stockport, in the North West of England, where she lives with her husband and family.

She has an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester University and was a finalist in the Good Housekeeping Novel Competition and the Daily Mail ‘Write a Best Seller’.

Her first novel Kiss Her Goodbye was published in September 2018 by Head Of Zeus’s digital imprint Aria.

Susan is represented by the LBA Literary Agency.

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“I think inspiration comes from every book that you read. There is always something that you take away from a novel.”

Image of author Susan Gee



Love Me To Death is my second novel. It follows the story of Jacob and his neighbour, Mr Anderson the local librarian. When a local girl is found dead in the woods and someone is leaving strange handmade dolls at Lyme Park, the novel follows Jacob as he searches for answers.

During the writing process I enjoyed getting into the mindset of these very different characters. I found it interesting to explore the mindset of a dark character and to see if I could create a bond between them and someone very differently minded. It was challenging to explore this and see where it took me.

The book is set in Stockport where I am from. I am very influenced by setting and where my previous book focused on the river, this book is focused on Lyme Park, a place where I have visited for many years. The character Mr Anderson also has memories here. He is drawn to the place, because despite his unhappy past, this is one place where he experienced a moment of happiness and that longing to recreate it is what draws him back there.

Despite him being a disturbing character I wanted to try to create some parts of the novel where there could be sympathy for him. His desire for happiness and to create a new family, despite being twisted is also fuelled by an unhappy childhood that he longs to break away from. The two characters both have a desire for love, Jacob from his friend Maggie who he wishes would see him in a different way, and Mr Anderson from a family life that he has never been able to experience himself. Mr Anderson sees the similarities between Jacob and himself in the way that Jacob is treated by his stepmother and his need to escape into the sanctuary of the library where Mr Anderson works.

I enjoyed trying to get into the mindset of someone who is very different and see where it took me. The challenge of creating parallels between these two very different people was an interesting one. I also like the idea of people being not what they seem. The two main characters in this novel are on the outside of society. They are both searching for something that is just out of reach. The need for acceptance, for love and family is something universal and yet their paths couldn’t be more different.

The writing process is a constant learning curve. Now that I have written two novels I don’t feel as intimidated by the idea of a third. I enjoy finding out where it will take me and once Love Me To Death is out in the world, I am looking forward to starting a new project.


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