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I would like to thank the lovely Penny, representing Author Marketing Experts, Inc., for introducing me to the delightful author of this trilogy, Lori Matthews.

As my review schedule is very full right now, I shall be reading the third and final book ‘Hit and Run’, as Lori assures me that they work perfectly as stand alone stories.

I’ll let you have a look at the complete trilogy though, just so you get the full picture about this series of romantic thrillers, and you might also want to check out Lori’s lovely guest post below.

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BREAK AND ENTER – (Callahan Security #1)

Cover image of the book 'Break And Enter' by author Lori MatthewsCallahan Security is on the brink of disaster. Mitch Callahan pushed his brothers to expand the family business into private security, and their first major client is a complete pain in the ass. It’s no wonder the man has a target on his back, but nothing could prepare Mitch for how seductive his adversary is.

Love hurts. No one knows that better than Alexandra Buchannan, so she uses her talents as a thief to equalize the scales of romantic justice. Your ex still has your favorite painting? Not for long. Alex’s latest job is her biggest challenge yet. Her target just hired a new security company, and the team leader is as smart as he is sexy.

Mitch knows he’s jeopardizing not only this job but the future of Callahan Security. If only he didn’t find Alex so damn irresistible. Soon their game of cat and mouse explodes into a million pieces. Unbeknownst to them, there’s another player in the game, and his intentions are far deadlier. 

SMASH AND GRAB – (Callahan Security #2)

Cover image of the book 'Smash And Grab' by Lori MatthewsLogan Callahan, the CEO of Callahan Security, knows he’s out of his depth. The woman he came to the Bahamas to investigate was kidnapped, and he was taken right along with her. He knew the sexy lady lawyer was trouble. He just had no idea how much.

Taken. Again. Lacy Carmichael on the other hand, was not new to the “Kidnap and Ransom” game. After all, when your father was one of the largest arms dealers in the world, danger comes with the territory, and she’d learned how to talk or fight her way out of almost anything. But this time Logan was grabbed with her, so she’ll have to reveal all her secrets in order to save both of their asses.

Searching for a way out of the mess, and fighting their mutual attraction, will take all of Logan’s and Lacy’s collective skills. Unfortunately, deception and betrayal by those they trust the most changes the rules of the game, and they find themselves battling for both their lives and their love.

HIT AND RUN – (Callahan Security #3)

Cover image of the book 'Hit And Run' by author Lori MatthewsGage Callahan knew his latest assignment with Callahan Security was going to be a disaster. He traipsed around Europe to locate the computer programmer he was hired to protect only to discover she’s actually a hacker hiding in Alaska. Tensions mount when she narrowly escapes becoming roadkill as a vicious organization comes after her. It will take all his ingenuity to rush her to safety, especially when Gage’s primary objective…get her and the prototype to New York…becomes secondary to protecting his heart from a fatal attraction to the spunky woman.

Dani Pierce is used to working on the dark web but now she is truly scared because deadly trouble has arrived at her front door. The self-reliant hacker knows she’ll need help to survive her contract to build facial recognition software. The aggravating yet handsome man hired to protect her makes it clear he detests her, but that doesn’t stop her from developing feelings for him.

It soon becomes apparent to Gage that Dani’s in deeper than she’ll admit but her answers don’t explain why the deadly gang after her is always one step ahead. It will take his military skills and her hacking know-how to save not only their butts, but the budding love they’ve discovered in the midst of danger.

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First, I want to say thank you so much to Yvonne for inviting me to her site. It’s such a pleasure to be here!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Lori Matthews and I write what I like to call romantic thrillers, as I am a true product of my upbringing!

I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, in a house filled with books and readers. Some of my fondest memories are of reading in the same room with my mother and sisters, arguing about whose turn it was to make tea. No one wanted to put their book down!

I was introduced to different genres because of my parents’ habit of leaving books all over the house. My mother read romance and my father read thrillers. Hence the romantic thrillers which I now write.

After two degrees, a career as a librarian, a husband and two kids, I attended a workshop in Tuscany that relit that spark for writing. I’ve been pounding the keyboard ever since.

Today, as a family, we live in New Jersey, with a crazy dog and a cranky cat.

You can keep up with all my latest news at my website

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Image of author Lori Matthews


“My latest book Hit and Run is coming out on August 4th and I am so exited! It’s the third book in my Callahan Security series. It can be read on its own but if you’re like me, you will want to start at the beginning of a series with Break and Enter followed by Smash and Grab.

Hit and Run was by far the hardest book for me to write. Gage, the hero, is definitely what I would call the strong, silent type. He’s also quite cranky! Dani, the heroine, is used to keeping to herself. Sometimes getting these two talking was quite a task.

So, I’m going to let you in on a secret. I do not control my characters. They control themselves and sometimes, me. I would love to be one of those authors who can plan a book from start to finish with detailed notes on every chapter. I’m just not. Those amazing people are called plotters.

The flip side of this is called being a pantser, meaning you fly by the seat of your pants. I am somewhere in between. I have a few points I want to hit in the story but for the most part I just sit back and let the characters take me where they want to go.

Hit and Run was definitely a book where the characters were in control. I had some ideas about where I wanted to set the story and how I wanted it to begin. Gage and Dani said ‘no’. Seriously.

I originally started the story in Sweden. I had the first few chapters written and then silence. My characters wouldn’t talk to me. When that happens, I know I’m on the wrong track. I sat and thought about it for a while and then I stopped thinking about it. About two weeks later I sat down and started the story again. In Alaska. I have no clue why, but that’s what happened.

There’s a scene in the first couple of chapters where Gage is pacing around Dani’s cottage. That’s what was happening in my mind. I now have my characters trapped in an Alaskan town with the baddies, and a major storm is moving in. How were they going to get out? I had no clue until a random idea popped into my head. You’ll see what it is when you read the book but it’s not exactly your normal speedy getaway.

If that sounds crazy, well welcome to my world. My husband tells me all the time, my mind is a scary place. He’s not wrong.

I hope you enjoy reading Hit and Run as much as I enjoyed writing it. It truly was a labor of love.

Be safe and stay healthy.

Lori xoxo

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Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share links to the books that came into their house during the last week.

This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well, after all you never know where that next “must read” book will come from!

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  • I don’t usually read romantic thrillers, but I love romance books. The titles of the books sound very appropriate too. 🙂

    • Hi Anca,

      I think you would enjoy this series – Here’s a potted resume!

      One security company run by three brothers.

      Three books one about each of them, so good stand alone stories.

      Each attracted to bad ass women.

      Definitely as much steamy sex as there is thriller.

      Great titles, as you say! 🙂

  • I used to read romantic thrillers occasionally and actually, a lot of female crime writers do include an element of romance and relationships in their books, Elly Griffiths springs to mind and Agatha Christie often had a young couple fall in love in her books. I shall investigate this series, thanks Yvonne.

    Have a good week. xxx

    • Hi Cath,

      I don’t mind a bit of romance and sex in a storyline, but certainly not something I would want to read in every book, just on the occasional basis!

      I have a lot of the Elly Griffiths books both physical and electronic, but she is another of those authors I have yet to actually read. One of our fellow blogging friends has recommended them all to me, I think she is addicted, so I really do need to read her for myself!

      Thanks for stopping by, it looks as though it is going to be a very hot week, so I know exactly where I am going to be 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Mary,

      I have actually powered my way through reading ‘Hit and Run’ already, although my review doesn’t go live for a few weeks, as there are a couple more promotional posts scheduled first.

      It was a fast paced storyline and the pages virtually turned themselves, a nice bit of humour towards the end, when a group of elderly ladies are let loose on the scene!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope that all is well with you 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Author Lori Matthews obviously had this one all planned out, but I do wonder if the notion of writing a trilogy and then thinking up the idea of having three brothers running Callahan Security came first, or was it the other way around?

      Either way, if the third part of the trilogy ‘Hit and Run’ is anything to go by, the concept works a treat 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and taking time to comment and I hope that all is well with you 🙂

  • I always find your guest author posts interesting. If I were a writer, I like to believe I’d be a “plotter”, but I can see how the characters might totally take over!

    This sounds like a fun and different concept and I like that each book revolves around a different character from the security company. But yes, I’d have to start with the first. 😉

    • Hi Kelly,

      I would probably allow my characters to take over to a point, but I would still have lists and ‘Post It’ notes all over the place, so that I could keep some kind of control. I’m a definite ‘plotter’, I would get too stressed to do it any other way.

      Even making notes for a review whilst I am reading a book becomes quite obsessive for me and I usually end up with pages and pages of random information which I inevitably don’t need!

      Nope! these definitely work great as stand alone stories, with the other two brothers only coming into the story towards the end, and you never get to meet their partners, they are only mentioned in passing!

      I might have read the first two stories if I had enough time, however I have really rammed my schedule for some reason and now I am beginning to panic about the amount of reading I have committed to!

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope that life is treating you okay 🙂

  • Ahh- all of these do sound good. I enjoy a good romantic suspense/thriller. Thanks for sharing this info. I’ll take a look at this author.
    Happy Reading!

    • Hi Martha,

      Not a genre I could read on too regular a basis, but every now and then it lightens the mood of my reading a little, which is a good thing!

      This trilogy is Lori’s first foray into fiction writing and the Goodreads ratings and reviews are both excellent. She also has a lovely website to check out.

      If you do decide to give the series a try, I hope that you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by 🙂

Written by Yvonne