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Meet Crime Writer … Mo Hayder

I know that posting UK centric events, may be met with some criticism from followers of, what is now an internationally viewed blog. I do however, endeavour to highlight internationally known authors, who will typically be appearing at a venue, in order to promote a new book. Thus, I hope that the content about that new release, will be relevent to most, if not all my followers.

Best selling British crime writer, Mo Hayder, will be appearing at Watersone’s, Staines store, on Monday 18th April 2011, at 7pm, where she will be talking about and signing copies of, her latest blockbuster ‘Hanging Hill’.

This is a chargeable, ticketed event, although the admission fee of £1.00, is redeemable against the cost of the book, purchased on the night.

For full event details, or to secure your ticket on-line, please click here.

This Title Is Available From Amazon


What if you found yourself divorced and penniless? With no skills and a teenage daughter to support? What if the only way to survive was to do things you never thought possible, to go places you never knew existed …These are questions Sally has never really thought about before. Married to a successful business man, she’s always been a bit of a dreamer. Until now. Her sister Zoe is her polar opposite. A detective inspector working out of Bath Central, she loves her job, and oozes self-confidence. No one would guess that she hides a crippling secret that dates back twenty years, and which – if exposed – may destroy her. Then Sally’s daughter gets into difficulties, and Sally finds she needs cash – lots of it – fast. With no one to help her, she is forced into a criminal world of extreme pornography and illegal drugs; a world in which teenage girls can go missing. Two sisters intent on survival. Until one does something so terrifying that there’s no way back …

Mo Hayder:

Left school at an early age, then held down a host of varied jobs, both in the UK and Asia, where she was an educational administrator and teacher of English as a foreign language.

She has an MA in film from The American University in Washington DC and an MA in creative writing from Bath Spa University UK.

The beautiful City of Bath, my own home city, is where she and her daughter, have now made their home.


‘Hanging Hill’, is Mo’s fourth stand-alone novel, although she is best known to myself and many others for the series of five books, featuring her character, Detective Inspector Jack Caffrey.

Yes! my ‘To Be Read’ pile is really so vast, that I have all of her books in there somewhere, just waiting to be discovered and read, although whether I will ever find them together, so that they can be read as a series, remains to be seen.

I guess that ‘Hanging Hill’, will be destined to join it’s counterparts, just as soon as it is released in April 2011.

However, if you just cannot wait that long, why not cross over to the site of my fellow blogger Nikki-ann, where she has already posted a great review!


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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • Oh Lord, another writer to add to the pile. Off to the library site to see what they’ve got. At least that way I only have to find shelf room for them for a couple of weeks.

    • Hello Annie,

      I really am going to have to consider using the library and reducing my TBR mountain by drastic means.

      My husband keeps pointing out that I will never live long enough to read all the books I have now and should I not consider reducing the pile to just my absolute favourite ‘must read’ authors.

      The trouble is, that means all of them, plus any other new ones that come along!!!

      Seriously, Mo Hayder is right up there with some of the best and is well worth you trying, as a crime fiction lover.

  • Yvonne – This one looks really good! But like you, I have so many “must reads” right now, all I can do is add it to my wish list and hope that I find time to read it. I’ve even got into audiobooks recently and have books read to me via my ipod whilst I get on with the everyday cooking and housework! Is this obsession?

    • Hi Chris,

      Mo Hayder books are some of the best in the genre, right up there with the not to be missed authors.

      You really need to make some room in your ‘must reads’, to try one or two of them out.

      I have to say, that audiobooks, like the e-reader, have little or no interest to me at all. Audiobooks are obviously of great value to the visually impaired, but I don’t think that I could cope with having a book read to me. The whole experience for me, is picking up the book, sitting down with it and enjoying some relaxing reading time, to take in and savour the story. I think that if I was busy working, whether at home or in the office, I would not be fully concentrating on an audio story and may be inclined not to remember it in any great detail later.

      I enjoy blogging, but as you have seen, I don’t tend to post reviews too often. If you could see how many books some people read in a short time, I really struggle to see how they can be fully taking in the plot, or appreciate the style of writing etc.

      I’m obviously a slow reader!!

      My own personal opinion on all of the above, of course.

      And yes, you may well be obsessed!!

  • Thanks for the link! 🙂

    I’m still debating on going to either Birmingham or Ross-on-Wye to see Mo Hayder… There’s several factors involved (time of the event, distance to travel etc). I’d love to meet her though.

  • Hi Nikki-ann,

    No problems, it was a great review.

    I keep saying that I will attend some of the author events, but something always happens to get in the way and as ‘hubbie’ doesn’t read fiction, he is never interested in coming along with me, so I guess I never strive that hard to make the time!

Written by Yvonne