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New On The Shelf At Fiction Books This Week

Picture of an English red post boxMailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house during the last week.

Be warned that Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.

Mailbox Monday, is currently ‘on tour’ and being hosted by a different blogger each month.

Your host for this week is: Kathy over at ‘BermudaOnion’.

So why not stop by, leave a link to your own Mailbox Monday post, oh! and don’t forget to leave a comment for Kathy, after all, we all like to receive them!

This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… you never know where that next “must read” book will come from!

My book this week, came my way as the result of a competition win, over with the lovely Vicki @ ‘I’d Rather Be At The Beach’. Vicki described this thriller as a ‘page turner’ and obviously others agree with her, as it has received some excellent ratings and reviews on many of the major sites.

I am looking forward to reading ‘Blood Drama’, you can’t beat a good thriller!


Everyone has a bad day. Graduate student Ian Nash has lost his girlfriend in addition to being dropped from a Ph.D. program in theatre at a Southern California university. When he stops at a local coffee shop in the lobby of a bank to apply for a job, the proverbial organic matter hits the fan. A gang of four robs the bank, and things get bloody. Ian is taken hostage by the robbers when the police show up. Now he has to save his life.

FBI Special Agent Aleece Medina’s analysis of the bloody bank heist drives her into the pursuit of a robbery gang headed by two women. She doesn’t anticipate how this robbery will pit her against both the bandits and the male higher-ups in the FBI while the media heats up during a giant manhunt.

The robbers are about to kill Ian, and all he has at hand is his knowledge of the stage. 


Image of author Christopher MeeksBorn and raised in Minnesota, Christopher Meeks went off to college at the University of Denver, with the dream of becoming a film director, but his first elective in poetry writing had him revel in word imagery. He wasn’t in college to make the dean’s list but to try subjects out. The fact he landed good grades was purely a by-product of his interests.

After a short spell at Prelude Press, Christopher started work at CalArts as the Institute Writer, where he got to talk to and write about, some of the most influential people and performers, in the performing arts space.

He teaches English and children’s literature at Santa Monica College, children’s literature at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and fiction writing at Southern New Hamshire University.

His collection of short fiction, ‘The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea’, came out in 2006 and won a Noble (not Nobel) Award for Best Fiction and received many great reviews. His second collection, ‘Months and Seasons’ came out in 2008, and his novel-in-stories, ‘The Brightest Moon of the Century’, in 2009.

Cristopher is also an independent publisher, with four authors now on his books, although he will always say that he is an ‘accidental publisher’,  because White Whisker Books was conceived simply for the publication of his own short fiction writing. Later, he published his own novels, when his then agent couldn’t get Christopher’s books past three potential editor’s marketing departments.

From photographs, I’ve seen the immense beauty of Alaska’s Glacier Bay, where mountain walls of ice meet water. From this comes the image I have of giving and being interviewed. There’s something both amazing and dangerous about a good interview.

I can’t wait to discover all your own great new finds this week … so please stop by and share your link

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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • Happy Monday Yvonne. Blood Drama sounds like an intense read, I hope you enjoy it. I like the author’s take on interviews. I think he’s right, interviews have the potential to be both amazing and dangerous.

    • Hi Naida,

      I love the analogy Christopher uses, comparing Glacier Bay to an interview.

      I actually decided to include it in my ‘Random Quote’ sidebar, it was so thought provoking.

      Let’s just hope that Christopher finds this and any other posts I may publish about ‘Blood Drama’, amazing rather than dangerous!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    • Hi Tracy,

      I seem to have been drawing thrillers one after the other just lately and ‘Blood Drama’ sounds like it is going to be a great one to look forward to a bit further down the line.

      It should be an interesting scenario, to have the two main gang suspects being female and even more intriguing that there is a coffee shop in the lobby of this particular bank … can you imagine that scenario in your local bank branch? … nice idea, though with the banks in the state they are in right now, a bar might be more beneficial than a cafe!

      Thanks for stopping by, your comments are appreciated, as always.

    • Hi Kathy,

      Whilst getting inadvertantly involved in something like a bank robbery, is not an everyday occurence, it isn’t a scenario which is outside the realms of possibility and I got to wondering just how I would react.

      I wonder if Ian can put any of his theatre skills to good use, in an effort to outwit the gang? I am sure I would be too busy panicking to think up any escape plans!!

      Thanks for stopping by and stepping in at short notice to host again this week, it is appreciated.

    • Hi Mary Ann,

      Although I have very eclectic reading tastes, Murder / Thriller will always be my favourite genre.

      These days, the genre comes with quite a mix of sub genres and categories of storyline types, which all only serves to add to the flavour and variety.

      I am definitely looking forward to reading ‘Blood Drama’ and I thank you for your comment on the post.

    • Hi Pat,

      Winning a prize, especially a book, is always good for the moral and sure to bring a smile to my face!

      I think I have come up trumps with ‘Blood Drama’ and I am sure that I shall enjoy this one!

      You can’t beat a good mystery / suspense story!

      Thanks for taking the time to read the post and leave a much appreciated comment. I hope that your week is going well so far.

    • Hi Vicki,

      Thanks for acting as the ‘go between’ with the book’s author, Christopher Meeks … what a nice person he sounds!

      Your own review and that of the ‘Goodreads’ reviewer you featured, have me very intrigued and I am looking forward to reading ‘Blood Drama’ for myself.

      I hope that all is well with you.

    • Hi Nikki,

      Knowing how you enjoy a good thriller, this sounds like it would be right up your street.

      Apparently there is a little romance and comedy in the storyline, just to mix things up a bit, but I shouldn’t think that will be enough to detract from a potentially quite intense sounding synopsis.

      It isn’t very often that I don’t enjoy a thriller.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      If you check out Vicki’s review, it does seem to indicate that there is a little romance and humour in the story as well. However I definitely get the impression that ‘Blood Drama’ is quite a hard-hitting thriller, so it may not be quite your thing.

      Thanks for taking an interest in the post and I shall try and come up with something you might enjoy, next time!

      Hope your week is going well so far.

  • Yvonne, I did find your wonderful site, and thank you for liking my comparison of writing to Glacier Bay. I’m happy your fellow reviewer Vicki turned you onto “Blood Drama.” May you enjoy it. It’s not the usual thriller.

    • Hi Christopher,

      I have several more opportunities to feature ‘Blood Drama’ before the final review is out and I am looking forward to sharing more snippets from the story with my fellow readers.

      I came across the interview where you used the analogy about being interviewed and Glacier Bay and so apt did I think it to be, I just had to use it in my post and as part of my permanent quote selection in the side bar of the site.

      There is also still plenty of time and opportunity to feature a guest post, should you wish to provide one. Just forward the copy to me and I will be more than happy to publish.

      Thank you for stopping by and participating in the post, I appreciate it.

Written by Yvonne