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New Title Out March 2011 … ‘Love And Marriage’ by Patricia Scanlan

After avidly devouring ‘Apartment 3B’, by prolific Irish author, Patricia Scanlan, I was excited to find out that she has a new book due for release, in March 2011.

This excitement was, however, subdued somewhat, when I learned that ‘Love and Marriage‘ is the third volume in a trilogy and I have neither read, nor in fact own, either of the previous two volumes; ‘Forgive and Forget ‘ and ‘Happy Ever After

Now I have to seriously think about increasing the size of my TBR mountain (something which I vowed not to do in 2011) and acquire all three volumes, to read in sequence, as from reading the synopsis, it is unclear whether ‘Love And Marriage’ will stand up to scrutiny as a separate entity.


‘Love And Marriage’ by Patricia Scanlan

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When love flies out the window married life can be hell. With an unplanned baby on the way, a newly-wed daughter whose marriage is already in trouble, a teenager who won’t eat and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her, and, hiding secrets from each other, Barry and Aimee are on a rocky road.

When love flies in the window ex-wives can cause a lot of trouble. And Marianna is going to cause as much trouble as she possibly can to make sure that her former husband is not going to waltz down the aisle with his new love. Families in crisis, passion, tragedy, and the healing powers of love…


It is just going to have to be done, isn’t it? Three more small books, can’t make that much difference to the pile … really!!

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