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“Past, Present and Future”
A Guest Post By Sarah Flint
Author of Liar Liar

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I once again have the lovely Melanie, representing Aria Fiction, to thank for including me in this great blog tour, as DC Charlotte Stafford prepares to take on her third major case, in this highly successful new series.

Joanne, at ‘That Thing She Reads’, started off the tour with a great review of Liar Liar, so why not check out a few of the other stop-offs and see what you can find out about both book and author.

Those of you who follow me, know how passionate I am about Guest Posts, so I was particularly pleased to have Sarah agree to submit an article for my tour date. “Past, Present and Future” highlights Sarah’s candid and personal struggle to get the book she knew was inside her, out there for us all to enjoy!

Image Of Blog Tour Banner for 'Liar Liar' By Sarah Flint

LIAR LIAR‘- (DC Charlotte Stafford #3)

Cover Image Of 'Liar Liar' By Sarah FlintA faithful dog lies wounded beside the mutilated body of its owner. 

A woman is discovered bound and gagged, dead in her own bed. 


Both are police officers. 

Both have a red rose at their side… worryingly more will follow…


Lies and accusations abound but who is behind the murders and why are the victims being targeted?

Charlie, Hunter and the team must find the killer targeting their own before another body is found.


Clicking on the book’s title will link you directly with it’s Goodreads listing.

Check out those all important ‘First Lines


Alternative Image Of Author Sarah Flint Updated December 2017With a Metropolitan Police career spanning 35 years, Sarah has spent much of her adulthood surrounded by victims, criminals and police officers.

She continues to work and live in London with her partner and she has three older daughters.

Sarah is a lover of ice cream and marmite – but not together!

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If you have a passion, feed it. Sometimes the passion will wane and you won’t have time for it. Sometimes it will flourish and you won’t have enough hours in the day to harvest it. If it takes twenty years, so be it. Whatever happens though, if writing is something you love, don’t give up. If ‘it’ happens you will be the happiest person on earth. If ‘it’ doesn’t, it will still be a great legacy, if only on your own bookshelf at home.

Alternative Image Of Author Sarah Flint Updated December 2017


I can’t believe that my third book has just been published. It only seems like yesterday that my agent was contacting me to say there was a publisher interested in my writing. A meeting followed swiftly and I was soon signed up to Aria and beginning the whole book writing process.

I was a total novice, but have learned a lot through the process, with yet more to hone. Until just a few years ago, I had written nothing but statements and those were purely factual. Suddenly I was writing fiction, developing characters, dreaming up plotlines and actually putting the whole process down on paper.

My initial efforts weren’t good. My education had concluded at the age of eighteen, with the heady achievement of a D grade in my English literature A level. Having failed to obtain the qualifications I required for university, I joined the police service and did nothing further of literary note… with the exception of setting down my evidence and completing case papers. It was only when my eldest sister had a beautifully crafted historical family drama published that I gave the idea of writing a thought. The whole challenge intrigued me and I immediately set to work. Suffice to say; my first effort was never published, although it seemed that it was good enough for my present agent to see potential and take me on.

Looking back, I think the plot was captivating enough, with plenty of twists and turns, but the actual style was basic. I had no central police protagonist and no real idea how to put a story together. My agent advised me to play to my strengths. I knew how the law worked and the day-to-day challenges that police officers face, so I went back to the drawing board. I dabbled with a few different characters, struggling for some time to come up with one I liked and who felt authentic and recognisable. So many current police detectives in literature or films are damaged, disgruntled mavericks unlike anyone I have ever known. I wanted something different, but I was still unsure whether to choose male or female, old or young,  constables or senior officers.

Charlie Stafford and Hunter emerged from  my imagination, with a helping of  actuality. They ticked all the boxes. I knew them, I had worked with them and more importantly I recognised that the two personalities, although diametrically opposed in looks, age and experience, fitted together perfectly. Charlie in particular, as the younger, more dynamic of the two is going from strength to strength. She is learning to trust her own judgment and take decisive action at work, as well as finally coming to terms with the ups and downs of her personal life. She might still be a little scruffy and make mistakes but there is no doubting her motivation and sincerity in wanting to achieve justice for her victims. Her childhood bereavement and disjointed family life marks her out as normal, as well as giving her strength and empathy beyond her years. She has yet to face her greatest fears and I would love to see her succeed, but will she be able to conquer her demons?

I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head for future storylines and the professional and personal challenges she, Hunter, and the team will face. After three books I feel that I have barely scratched the surface with any of them.

Book 4 sees Charlie dealing with her most traumatic cases to date. It is a reworking of that first story I wrote, and  is set against a real case in which I was involved. It is written from the viewpoints of various characters, so is a little different from my usual but I hope that it will show life on the streets as it is, in all its tragic forms. It will remain to be seen whether you, as my readers enjoy it. I really hope you do.

As for the writing process; well, whether completing my own first edits, or the following structural edits, copy-edits or proof-reading, I continue to learn. My spelling and punctuation still leaves a lot to be desired and I know I will never be a literary genius, as a few reviewers have commented, but oh, how I love it.

So, my advice… If you’re interested in writing a book then go for it! You honestly can’t be any worse than I was… and you never know, you might even enjoy it.

Alternative Image Of Author Sarah Flint Updated December 2017



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