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“She’ll win at any cost”
by Sam Michaels
Blog Tour Extract

The first book in the Georgina Garrett series was so well received, that many readers who have been eagerly awaiting publication of the second installment, will by now be very happy!

My spot on this Blog Tour is right at the very end, so I am pleased that the lovely Vicky from Aria Fiction, managed to make space for me to round things off.

My thanks as always, goes out to the great team at NetGalley, without whom the lovely complimentary downloads would not appear, as if by magic!

RIVALS – (Georgina Garrett Series Book 2) 

Cover image of the book 'Rivals' by author Sam MichaelsThe streets of Battersea are about to get a new leader, one who will rule with an iron fist.

It’s the 1930s and Georgina Garrett has risen up from her tough beginnings to become the new boss of the Battersea gang. But not everyone is pleased with a female taking charge..

With rival gangs trying to steal her turf, untrustworthy men in her midst and her dad lost deep in the bottle, Georgina has a lot to tackle. With her friends and family in constant danger and those closest to her questioning her leadership Georgina must use her wits to show that she’s made for this job.

The Garrett name is one to be feared and Georgina will begin to change the face of Battersea forever…


Image of author Sam MichaelsSam Michaels writes gritty gangland sagas set in Battersea, South London, which is where she was born and bred, the council estates being her playground.

After leaving school at sixteen with no qualifications, Sam married soon after and had a son. The marriage ended quickly, and as a single mother, she worked in various retail positions until undertaking an Open University degree. This led to Sam becoming an analytical scientist and then into technical sales where she met her husband.

A few years later, they moved from Hampshire to Spain. It was then that her mother, the Sunday Times best-selling author, Kitty Neale, inspired Sam to put pen to paper. She now writes her novels in sunnier climates with the company of her husband, four dogs and six cats.

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Cover image of the book 'Rivals' by author Sam Michaels


Molly had been deep in thought as she’d left Georgina’s and was relieved to be home, back indoors and protected from the bitingly cold wind outside. Though home wasn’t really home. It was Jane’s house, but for now it would have to do. At least her mum and her sisters, Ethel and Charlotte, lived on the same street and they’d been a great help with the new baby. It seemed silly really, her and Edward crammed into the house with Jane and her two daughters, but Molly couldn’t face returning to Clapham. The house Billy had bought for them, so grand and luxurious, had become her prison and the thought of Billy’s brains splattered up the walls gave her nightmares. She’d never seen a ghost, but what if Billy’s soul wandered their house seeking retribution? She hoped he’d got what he deserved and was burning in the depths of hell, but the devil looks after his own. Billy was evil enough to have made a pact with Satan and she wasn’t prepared to put herself or her son in harm’s way. Molly shivered and though she was now standing in Jane’s lounge, she pulled the collar of her coat up around her neck.

‘It’s cold in here. The fire has gone out,’ Jane said as she walked into the room.

Yes, it was cold, but the thought of Billy Wilcox always sent a shiver down Molly’s spine.

‘The kettle’s heating on the stove and it won’t be long before I’ve got this fire roaring. Norman always used to see to the fire but it’s another thing I’ve learnt to do for myself now. Maybe Georgina is right, you know. Maybe we could run the whole thing ourselves.”

Molly had no doubt in Georgina’s abilities but she questioned her own. She had a baby to care for and knew nothing about Billy’s shady world of prostitutes and violence. She didn’t see how she’d be in a position to offer any help, but it was quite ironic really, as in theory, as Billy’s widow, it now belonged to her. What Georgina said had made Molly think – she had Edward’s future to consider. She didn’t want her child growing up with nothing, with hunger in his belly instead of food, the way Fanny had raised her. No, he’d had a bad enough start as it was – being born in a dark, small attic, all alone with Molly fearing she would die. He deserved more, better, and drawing on Georgina’s strength, Molly felt ready to fight for what was theirs.

‘There you go, the embers are glowing again,’ Jane said, and looked from the fire to Molly. ‘I can see it in your eyes – you believe we can take on the business, don’t you?’

‘Yes, Jane, I think we can. I wouldn’t attempt it without Georgina, but she’s right, it’s ours.’

‘I’m not sure that Norman would want me having anything to do with the brothels. He never liked me even talking to the women, and if he had a proper grave instead of the cellar in Queenstown Road, he’d be turning in it now. To see me and his daughters living hand to mouth like we are would have broken his heart. He worked hard for us, and now I suppose it’s down to me to step up and do the right thing.’

Molly was astounded at the turnaround in Jane. She’d hardly spoken since she’d shot Billy, but Georgina must have provoked something in the woman and she appeared to be more like her old self.

‘Don’t look so surprised, Molly. I’ve spent months wallowing in self-pity and guilt, but that’s not going to change anything. I’ll always feel awful about killing Billy, but we all know it was the right thing to do. No mother wants to take the life of their own flesh and blood, but he killed my husband, and I’ve no doubt that he would have killed my girls too. Now, it’s time to move on. I don’t want Norman’s death to have been in vain. Norman built the Wilcox name. I’m still Mrs. Wilcox, Mrs. Norman Wilcox, and you and your son have the Wilcox name too. I refuse to let it be taken away from us.’

Image of author Sam Michaels

Image of blog tour banner 1 for the book 'Rivals' by author Sam Michaels

Image of blog tour banner 2 for the book 'Rivals' by author Sam Michaels

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I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • I’m not certain this is a series for me, but will admit that I did enjoy the excerpt shared here, though I’d want to start with the first in the series. Going back to your earlier guest post with the author, I see that I found it quite interesting. Never say never!

    • Hi Kelly,

      I would definitely agree with you about reading this particular series in order, as character progression does seem to play quite a pivotal part of the storyline.

      So long as the violence is not too gratuitous and is in keeping with the sense of time and place, then I don’t really have a problem with that either.

      I have read from so many genres which have taken me out of my comfort zone just recently, and have honestly enjoyed the majority of them, so ‘Gang-Lit’ as it is now referred to, is just another notch on my reading ladder!

      Thanks for stopping by and as always, I appreciate your comments 🙂

    • Hi Naida,

      It sounds as though there is a whole cast of strong female characters, in Georgina, Molly and Jane. Certainly three forces to be reckoned with and not to be crossed!

      I can’t get over the way Molly and Jane can so casually talk about the death of their respective husbands, but during the 1930s depression years, I guess that life was tough and people got by any way they could!

      We all sit and bemoan the state of things today, but we really don’t know what being ‘tough’ is all about, do we?

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope that you are enjoying your Sunday blog hopping 🙂

Written by Yvonne