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‘The Fallen Women’
by Lindsey Hutchinson
Cover Reveal / Mailbox Monday

Image Of Author Lindsey Hutchinson

It looks as though the lovely folks at Aria Fiction are really on a roll with their cover reveals and I am pleased to have been invited along on this journey, to feature some great new authors and titles to enjoy!

Fallen Women doesn’t officially publish until early 2019, but meanwhile you can pre-order your copy ..

Pre-order link for UK customers

Pre-order link for US customers

As this cover reveal is scheduled to publish on a Monday and I have recently downloaded my reading copy from NetGalley, I shall be linking this post to the ‘Mailbox Monday’ meme, to help share the news far and wide!

Cover Image Of The Book 'The Fallen Women' By Author Lindsey Hutchinson


Image Of Author Lindsey HutchinsonLindsey was born and raised in Wednesbury, West Midlands.

She is married, with children and grandchildren, and now lives with her husband and dog in the lovely Shropshire countryside.

Now retired, Lindsey continues to teach an evening dance class.

She loves to read, and enjoys photography, as well as socialising with friends, although she also loves to holiday in exotic places.

Lindsey is the daughter of the hugely successful historical fiction saga author, Meg Hutchinson and claims it was whilst typing up the manuscripts for her mother, that her love of story telling was rekindled.

It seems as though Lindsey is destined to follow in her mother’s footsteps.




Cover Image Of The Book 'The Fallen Women' By Author Lindsey HutchinsonSince the death of her parents when she was just a girl, orphan Ann Felton has had to struggle to survive.

The grimy and gruelling Black Country is no place for a girl all alone and Ann is relieved when she gets works at The Bell public house, and is befriended by the local ladies of the night.

These bawdy, brave women take Ann under their wings, but with poverty gnawing hard at the people of Wednesbury life is a continual struggle.

Ann can’t bear to think how her friends make their money, but their friendship keeps her safe.

Victoria Beckett and Viscount Richard Wyndham have none of Ann’s worries. Both grew up with silver spoons firmly in their mouths, and neither can understand Ann’s struggles.

But before long Ann will change both their lives forever, and in turn one of them might just save Ann from a fate worse than death…


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  • This sounds like a bit of a different storyline and one that might be quite interesting! As for the cover… the wording at the bottom certainly draws one in. I’m not sure of the timeframe, so I can’t really say if I think the women pictured are representational or not.

    • I went and checked the first few lines of this one on my Kindle copy, but there is no indication as to the timeframe for the story, which is a little frustrating.

      However Lindsey’s previous books in her series of stories about ‘The Black Country’, look to be placed in the late 1800’s, which would put the costumes in the right period and would account for the very young looking age of these ‘ladies of the night’.

      I seem to have been on somethng of a roll with contemporary and historical fiction just lately, but never fear, I do have a couple of my staple favourite psychological thrillers coming up for feature very soon!

    • I haven’t had a thriller cross my desk for promotion, for quite some time now, although I do have a couple which sound amazing, waiting in the wings!

      I like to mix the genres up a bit, but I do enjoy a good historical fiction from time to time and I like the sound of this premise a lot.

      Great to have you visit. I hope that things continue to get sorted out for you and have a good week 🙂

    • I have often been known to comment of late, about how much better the quality of cover art production has become over the past few years.

      This is certainly true for most crime / thriller novels I think and definitely children’s books and ‘cozies’ have benefited big time.

      Even general contemporary fiction has seen a vast improvement overall, but I can see where you are coming from with regard to historical fiction. The images, whilst of improved quality, can lack empathy with the timeframe and premise of the storyline.

      I compared the cover art of Lindsey’s books, with those of her mother, author Meg Hutchinson, who wrote in the same genre some 20 years ago and to be honest, I know which help to set the scene better for me!

      I do hope that you decide to read ‘The Fallen Women’ and don’t let the cover art influence you too much.

      Thanks for such an interesting comment 🙂

    • The jury is out on the cover art, as the vote is pretty much evenly split between those of you who love it and those who hate it!

      I get where you are coming from when you comment on facial expressions. Both ‘ladies’ look as though they know exactly how to manipulate a situation, don’t they? – Coquettish would probably be the word I would use to describe them!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I always enjoy your visits 🙂

    • Sassy certainly does suit this cover image, and although I assumed that the girls might be touting their trade unwillingly, I might well be mistaken, as these two look a tad too pleased with life 🙂

Written by Yvonne