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This cover is Hot! HOt! HOT!
‘A View To A Kilt’
by Wendy Holden
Cover Reveal

Cover image for novel - a room to a kilt by Wendy Holden

Even if, like me, you are not a huge fan of reading chick-lit / romcom stories on too regular a basis, you can’t fail to be blown away by the amazing, in your face cover art of A View To A Kilt, the latest episode in the Laura Lake series, written by author Wendy Holden.

Cover image of the book 'A View To A Kilt' by author Wendy Holden

I would like to thank publisher Head Of Zeus for the opportunity to be a part of this great cover reveal and although the book is not officially available until April 2019 ….

You can pre-order your UK copy from Amazon.co.uk

You can pre-order your USA copy from Amazon.com

A VIEW TO A KILT – (Laura Lake #3) – The blurb

Cover image of the book 'A View To A Kilt' by author Wendy HoldenLaura Lake, editor of glamorous glossy magazine Society, is in trouble. Advertising revenues are down, and her job will be in jeopardy if she can’t pick them up.

According to those in the know, Scotland is having a moment. Haggis tempura is on Michelin-starred menus, smart spas are offering porridge facials, and a chain of eco-hotels on the sites of Highland Clearances are pulling in star punters. With a view to getting a slice of this ultra-high-end market, Laura’s been sent to a baronial estate in Wester Ross to write a think-piece about celebrity bagpipes.

It’s supposed to be gorgeous, glitzy and glamorous. But intrigue follows Laura like night follows day. And at Glenravish Castle – a shooting lodge fit for a billionaire – Laura finds herself hunting for a scoop that won’t just save her job, it could save her life…


Image Of Author Wendy HoldenWendy Holden grew up in Yorkshire, and studied English at Girton College, Cambridge.

She worked in magazines for many years before joining Tatler’s in 1997 as deputy editor, later moving to the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, which she left in the early 2000s, to concentrate on writing her novels.

Wendy still considers journalism to be her trade, so she likes to keep her hand in by regularly writing features and reviews for newspapers and magazines on a range of social, topical and lifestyle subjects. She is also a television and radio contributor.

She now lives in Derbyshire, in a former Victorian gardener’s lodge built in the shape of a tiny castle, where she works in a small green summerhouse in the garden.

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“My bottom drawer isn’t so much full of unpublished novels as half-published ones. I’m a bit of a literary tomb-raider and am constantly stripping the corpses of works I once thought dead and buried for jewelled and glittering bits of detail such as interiors, conversations and sometimes whole characters to embellish whatever book I am working on at the moment.”

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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • While not my normal genre, I do enjoy the occasional chick-lit offering. This really is a bright, eye-catching cover. I love the red on blue!

    (haggis tempura? that almost sounds a contradiction in terms!)

    • Hi Kelly,

      Haggis Tempura is apparently a new and trendy take on a traditional Scottish delicacy. I have to admit that I have never tried haggis, nor had the urge to, however celebrity TV chef Nick Nairn, makes it look almost palatable, with his recipe for, “Crispy Fried Haggis with a Chilli Dipping Sauce” …


      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to check out today’s post. I hope that all is well with you 🙂

      • I checked out the link and I’m afraid I’m still not convinced. Haggis is such a heavy dish and I always associate tempura as a light batter/fry… to enhance things like shrimp or certain veggies such as onions, asparagus, etc. To each their own, though!

        • If you think that battered haggis is going to be a little heavy going, then it is a good job that the other northern and Scottish delicacy never really took off down here in the south, or travelled any further afield! …

          Take one of the most dense and filling chocolate bars, cover it in batter and I give you the deep fried Mars bar. I hope you are ready for this …


          I have NEVER tried one by the way 🙂

          • You might be surprised to know that we have a Burns Night celebration each year here in south Arkansas – haggis included! (I’ve never attended)

            Honestly, when it come to deep-frying things, nothing surprises me. Go to any county fair in the US and you will find something in the fryer that , in my opinion, doesn’t belong there!

            • I must admit that we do have traditional battered fish and chips occasionally, but it is once in a blue moon, as it is just too filling after only a few mouthfuls 🙂

    • Hi Naida,

      It is definitely an eye-catching cover, isn’t it?

      I really wish that I had the imagination and visual conception of the modern cover artists and graphic designers. Most of them really do know how to link a cover to the storyline, to make the whole book package appealing.

      Great to have you stop by and welcome back from your short blogging break 🙂

Written by Yvonne