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What’s New On The Shelves This Week?

As I have only one new book to add to my shelves this week, but it is the latest title to be published by an author who has been known to me for some time, I decided to make this a combined post and also highlight both author and book on my ‘New Titles’ pages.

Picture of an English red post boxMailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house during the last week.

Be warned that Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.

Mailbox Monday, is currently ‘on tour’ and being hosted by a different blogger each month.

Your host for December 2012 is: Suko over at Suko’s Notebook.

So why not stop by, leave a link to your own Mailbox Monday post, oh! and don’t forget to leave a comment for Suko, after all, we all like to receive them!

This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… you never know where that next “must read” book will come from!


Emily’s skating career and personal life have never been more golden.

She and her partner Chris have won every competition they’ve entered this season, and she’s found the man of her dreams in her coach Sergei.

But when one of the biggest competitions of the year takes Emily and Sergei to Russia, Sergei’s past explodes into the present and makes Emily doubt everything in their future.

Jennifer, is an author who I first met earlier in 2012, when she contacted me about a possible review of her debut novel ‘Life On The Edge’. She had chosen to weave this fiction story around a subject which is very dear to her heart, Ice Skating and made it a spectacular success with her in depth knowledge of the sport, although purely as a an avid fan, I hasten to add!

Whilst ‘Life On The Edge’ works perfectly well as a stand alone story, Jennifer did indicate at the time that she had an idea bubbling away, for a second installment to this romantic saga …. and less than a year later, she has come up with the goods!

An image of author Jennifer ComeauxJennifer Comeaux had always loved writing, even as a small child  and had long cherished a dream, of one day seeing her name in print.

Dreams however, are often dictated by the practicalities of life and Jennifer compromised by  earning a Master of Accounting from Tulane University and becoming a Certified Public Accountant in South Louisiana, working as a corporate tax manager for a Fortune 100 company.
While at Tulane, she wrote for the school newspaper and whilst seeing her name in a byline was great, she still dreamed of writing a novel and having it published, which she finally did after some encouragement from friends and family.
Jennifer has always been passionate about figure skating and follows the sport closely, although she has only ever stepped onto an ice rink once. When not working, she can often be found travelling widely, to attend figure skating events and competitions, always with her camera to hand.
It was this passion, together with its experiences and characters, which gave her the idea of a storyline for her first novel and after much writing and re-writing, ‘Life on the Edge ‘, became her first published book and achieved the dream of seeing the name Jennifer Comeaux, firmly in print.
This is Jennifer’s reply, when she was asked recently, ‘What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer?’
When readers tell me they felt an emotional connection to my story or my characters, it means the world to me. It’s what I want most when I write a story – to touch people’s hearts. To hear I’ve done that is the biggest reward of all.

As this was an author invitation to read and review, a download of ‘Edge Of The Past’ was sent to me free of charge, by its author, Jennifer Comeaux.

This will in no way influence any comments I may express about the book, in any blog article I may post. Any thoughts or comments are my own personal opinion and I am in no way being monetarily compensated for this, or any other article.

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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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    • Hi Mystica,

      I used to watch as much ice skating or ice dancing as possible when I was younger, but I have to say that I haven’t spotted any competitions being aired on mainstream television here in the UK, for some considerable time, so I am really out of touch with the latest talent in the sport and even with the scoring system, which I believe has changed somewhat.

      Jennifer is obviously an enthusiastic fan, judging by the comprehensive articles and photographs she posts on her website and this is more than adequately illustrated in her writing, as fact and fiction are expertly woven together to produce an intriguing romantic story.

      I would just say, that if you are interested in reading ‘Edge Of The Past’, then you might want to read ‘Life On The Edge’, the first book in the series, as it sets the scene for what it seems is to be an intriguing sequel.

      With my Best Wishes for a Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by.

    • Hi Naida,

      I enjoyed ‘Life On The Edge’ very much, so I am looking forward to what promises to be an intriguing and interesting sequel to the story.

      The figure skating premise for the books, is certainly quite original and new to me and it certainly appears to be the case for Jennifer, that writing about something you enjoy and are fairly knowledgeable about pays off, as she has published ‘Edge Of The Past’ in double quick time.

      Best Wishes to all the family for a very happy 2013.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      You are most welcome and I hope that both books are bringing you much pleasure from seeing them in print, as well as some good sales of course!

      I hope that you had a good Christmas and would like to wish you a Very Happy New Year.

  • Mmm…ice skating. I’ve only done it once being an Aussie, but it certainly would be good to be cold right now (currently 41C – 106F). Thank you for sharing your Mailbox!

    • Hi Sam,

      I have never ventured onto the ice rink myself (no sense of spatial awreness … I would be missing fingers within seconds!!), although it used to be very popular with my nieces and nephews when they were younger.

      I am purely an armchair critic, although I haven’t watched a competition for many years now. The sport is certainly nowhere near as popular as it was with TV audiences here in the UK and is very seldom aired mainstream any more, unfortunately.

      We have just returned from three weeks in Florida, where the temperatures were in the high 70’s, low 80’s, which was plenty hot enough for me!! Back now in good old England …. cold, wet and windy!!! But I know which I would rather have ….

      Have a great New Year.

    • Hi Laurel-Rain,

      I am sure that this will be a great extension to the first episode, there were one or two hints about where the story might be going, so I am just waiting to see if I guessed correctly or not.

      Jennifer is such an easy person to get along with, which makes reviewing her books a joy.

      Happy New Year!

    • Hi Mary,

      In all honesty my reading has all but dried up over the last few weeks, although I have no idea why, so I am really hoping that the New Year is going to see me getting my ‘mojo’ back again.

      Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a Very Happy New Year.

    • Hi Kathy,

      I certainly learned quite a lot about skating from reading the first installment of this romantic saga, ‘Life On The Edge’. It made me realise just how out of touch I am with the new scoring systems used in competition and the latest rising stars in the different disciplines.

      I guess that interest in the sport, here in the UK, waned a little with the retirement of the likes of Robin Cousins and Torvill and Dean. There just don’t seem to be any home-grown, rising stars, who are ready to step into their shoes!

      I am looking forward to following the career of Emily and Chris, as they continue with their success on the ice.

      I hope that you have a great 2013

    • Hi Diane,

      I have been looking forward to reading this book, ever since Jennifer announced that she was going to be writing it as a second installment to ‘Life On The Edge’. Luckily for me, she has published ‘Edge Of The Past’ in double quick time, so now I just need to know if my suspicions about the future of the romance between Emily and Sergei are the correct ones!

      Have a fantastic New Year and thanks for stopping by.

    • Hi Laura,

      ‘Life On The Edge’ was, in itself, a poignant and beguiling romance, so I am hoping that this second installment of the story builds and enhances the individual personalities and relationships in a positive way, although after reading the synopsis, I think that rocky times may be ahead for the couple in the short term!

      Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a Very Happy New Year.

    • Hi Holly,

      The Winter Olympics are by far my favourite sporting event also, although it isn’t often that they receive coverage on mainstream TV. As hubbie isn’t that interested in sports, we don’t subscribe to the dedicated sports channels, so I don’t get to enjoy it as often as I would like.

      That Jennifer is obviously very passionate about her ice skating, came across all too vividly in the first book of this series and I see that we have now moved the action to Russia for this second installment. As this is the home of some of the greatest ice skating champions of all time, I am sure that the action is going to be as dynamic on the rink, as off!

      Thanks for stopping by and have a Very Happy New Year!

  • Lovely presentation today!

    I grew up back east so I went ice skating fairly often in the winter, and my girls took figure skating lessons at in indoor rink in warm CA (I was so impressed when they learned to skate backwards!). Ice skating is a beautiful sport; it looks like ballet or dancing on ice.

    Thanks for participating in MM. Have a terrific new year!

    • Hi Suko,

      I have to admit that I have never tried ice skating, my sense of balance isn’t really conducive to anything that could be remotely described as balletic!!

      We have had some quite illustrious ice skating champions in the past, although I do admit to preferring ice dancing, with our past champions of Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean, being great role models for the kids here in the UK.

      Thank you for being such a great host for the ‘Mailbox Monday’ meme, it has been great getting to know you.

      Happy New Year

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you so much for stopping by today and taking the time to read my post.

      I hope that you enjoyed a good Christmas and send best wishes for a very Happy New Year!

  • I hope you enjoy metting the characters again! 🙂

    Many thanks for being a regular visitor and commentor at my website. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome and appreciated.

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2013!

    • Hi Nikki,

      I am looking forward to catching up with the characters as they move on and develop in their careers and relationships, although it sounds as though there may be some rocky times ahead for them, as the action moves to Sergei’s home country of Russia, where there are a few unwelcome surprises in store!

      It is always a pleasure to visit ‘Notes Of Life’, as you have some very eclectic reading tastes and always have something interesting to say about the books you review.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting today and I would also like to wish yourself and your family a Very Happy New Year!

    • Hi Cath,

      Sorry this is a little late, but I wish both yourself and your family all the very best for 2013.

      It was good to see the sun for New Year’s Day, although the flooding situation out and about on the roads is still very bad in places.

      We have just spent a most enjoyable day visiting friends and family in Swindon, hope that you have had a relaxing time also.

Written by Yvonne