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Mottisfont Abbey

Mottisfont Abbey is located near Romsey in Hampshire, a National Trust property I had heard about but had yet to visit.  Renowned for its wonderful walled rose garden, and splendid riverside walk, I was keen to take a look whilst the roses are in bloom.

I wasn’t disappointed. As you walk through the entrance to the walled garden you are hit by this quite delightful scent and expanse of colour. I’m not a rose expert, but there are many varieties to indulge the senses, and beautifully planted amongst the most exquisite English garden.

The walled garden is at the far end of the property and a gentle stroll through the trees towards the font provides some welcome shade from the midday sun. The large expanse of lawn and fields provides ample opportunity to find your own quiet spot for a family picnic, spot of painting or sketching, or perhaps just stretch out and absorb yourself in the works of William Wordsworth, whilst the world around you seems to become just a gentle buzz in the background.

Clover and buttercups are in abundance as we stroll towards the riverside walk, stopping for a moment to explain the workings of my camera to Luke, a young lad intrigued by the gadgets in my hand, and perhaps less interested in the habitat that surrounded him, at least for the moment.

The trout were active in the river, jumping to catch whatever delights dropped from the hands of welcome feeders scattered along the banks, in the distance across the fields I could see a group of walkers parading like Ants. There is a longer walk, several miles I think which takes in the perimeter of Mottisfont and beyond.

The National trust facilities are consistent with all other NT properties we have visited. The staff are friendly, approachable, and informed and the Restaurant/cafeteria serves up well prepared and enjoyable food. This is a place that reflects much of what we enjoy in the English Countryside and is a perfect place to invest two or three hours, or more if you just want to chill.

Busy when the roses are in full bloom, but a definite place for us to revisit.

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