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Tag - Bohemia

Tea, flowers and an open book on a table in the garden - Used to feature my book reviews

‘Bohemia’ by Veronika Carnaby

THE SYNOPSIS Don’t miss out on Veronika Carnaby’s thrilling new read for the modern beatnik, in which she provides a wild, unrestrained account of ’60s counterculture youth bursting out of their creative shells. In her debut novel, Veronika Carnaby...


2016 NetGalley Challenge Professional Reader Goodreads

Come rain or shine, there are always Clues to find and mysteries to solve! Reposted from @kimmaria11 - Dedham treasure trail #dedham #treasuretrailsuk @treasuretrailsuk #familyfunday #suffolk @nikitatata28 @anyaharwood2 #rainedall… https://t.co/g6DIfvOG5J

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