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New On My Shelf This Week

This week’s new addition to my virtual shelf, comes courtesy of Blake Brooks, Marketing and Publicity Executive at independent publisher Head of Zeus.

Author Lesley Thomson has kindly agreed to send through copy for a guest post, which I shall be publishing on 30th April 2017, so please stop by then and check it out.

THE DOG WALKER‘ (The Detective’s Daughter #5)

January, 1987. In the depths of winter, only joggers and dog walkers brave the Thames towpath after dark. Until a young woman, Helen Honeysett, set off for a run from her riverside cottage and never came home. Her body has never been found.

Twenty-nine years later, Helen’s husband is still searching for answers. He’s asked Stella, the detective’s daughter, and Jack, a tube driver, to find out what happened all those years ago. But the five households on that desolate stretch of towpath refuse to give up their secrets. And as winter tightens its grip once more, Stella and Jack find themselves hunting for a killer whose trail has long gone cold…

Clicking on the book’s cover image will link you directly with it’s Amazon listing.


Image Of Author Lesley ThomsonLesley was born in 1958 and brought up in Hammersmith, West London. She graduated from Brighton University in 1981 and moved to Sydney, Australia the year after, where in between writing her first attempt at a novel, she sold newspapers in a shop at Wynyard underground station in the heart of the city.

Returning to London, Lesley did several jobs to support writing, including working for one of the first Internet companies in the UK. She completed an MA in English Literature at Sussex University and is now a guest tutor on the Creative writing and Publishing MA at West Dean, where she also runs a crime-writing short course, leads workshops and takes master classes on writing crime novels.

Lesley lives in East Sussex with her partner and a raggedy poodle both of whom are treated to blow by blow accounts of scenes and twists in plot at any given time. In fact, she doesn’t know how they sleep at night!

Independent bookstores are a valuable asset to any city, town or village. They offer us the latest literary releases, a meeting point where authors share their work and meet new readers and fans. They offer us a rich ‘bookish’ environment in which to browse before we buy. I love to sip coffee and leaf through my new purchase. I can be sure that independent booksellers know their stock, they suggest new authors and broaden my reading. Along with public libraries they are key to our communities.

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This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… You never know where that next “must read” book will come from!

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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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    • Hi Kathy,

      I am wondering what made Helen set off for a run on her own in such bad weather conditions and so late in the day.

      Surely someone in one of those five houses must have seen her, although it does specifically state that it was already dark!

      Perhaps someone in one of those five houses knows more about Helen’s disappearance than they are letting on, but there does seem to be something of a conspiracy of silence going on, which doesn’t bode well for the enquiry, if the secret has been kept so well for so many years.

      Is one of the residents acting alone, or is this a secret which they will all keep until the bitter end?

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I always appreciate your visits 🙂

    • Hi Cath,

      I haven’t come across either the author or the series before, so I am very much hoping that the stories work well as stand alones and that the back-story isn’t too complex to pick up along the way.

      Lesley’s writing appears to be very popular, as the reviews and ratings are well above average, so I am hoping to have found another good author to follow.

      The previous books have all been quite lengthy at well over 350 pages each, so I am hoping for some intriguing narrative and well defined characters, being as there is so much scope for expanding the storylines.

      I hope that all is well with you and that you have managed to make the most of the glorious spring weather 🙂

    • Intriguing and more than a little distressing for the family I should think.

      Losing a loved one in any circumstances is bad enough, but to have a family member disappear without trace and never to know whether they are alive or dead, must be terrible.

      Especially when it sounds as though there might be a bit of a conspiracy of silence going on here!

      Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate your comments 🙂

    • Hi Kelly,

      1958 was also a significant year in our lives, as both hubbie and I were born then. I can’t relate anything else to any of the other dates mentioned, so you have one up on me!

      I am hoping that this story works well as a stand alone, although after reading the premise of the first book in the ‘Detective’s Daughter’ series, it might be that I should have gone back and followed the backstory from the beginning …


      A unique twist as a backstory though, don’t you think?

      I am looking forward to receiving Lesley’s copy for her guest post, as I really enjoyed the thoughts she shared about independent bookshops 🙂

    • Hi Martha,

      There does seem to be rather a glut of new authors and books being published in the murder / mystery / psychological thriller genres just recently.

      I guess that sooner or later there will start to show signs of some serious story overlap, but for now I’m simply enjoying the journey through the minds of some great writing!!

      Thanks for hosting and for taking the time to stop by 🙂

  • Looks like my kind of book. I love stories where crimes in the past bleed into the present. As a mystery writer, when I walk my dog, I I keep my eye out for lonely stretches of a path, overgrown shrubbery, and places where a killer could stash a body. The dog, of course, isn’t aware of this. He’s too busy checking his pee-mail.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I can see you enjoying this series somehow. The storylines and style of writing don’t look too dissimilar to your own, but that is only based on my reading the premise lines of the various books in the series to date.

      I wonder how many of us are actually so alert at spotting something out of the ordinary when we are out and about, and then wanting to become involved by acting on our suspicions or fears.

      We have quite often come across cars in ditches off the side of a road and perhaps in the absence of police tape, which means that the incident is being attended to, we have wondered if there is anyone still trapped in the car. I can’t remember us ever taking the time to stop and check things out though – how bad is that when you actually put it into words!!

      Missing people must be so much more difficult to spot and these days so many people, with their own good reasons for doing so, actually want to go off the radar. Never good for the family left behind though … poor Helen’s husband doesn’t really know if she is alive or dead, after so much time!

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope that both you and Mike are keeping well 🙂

Written by Yvonne