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New On The Shelf This Week

Having only ever read a couple of books featuring mysteries with a ‘Western’ theme, when this great new series and its interesting author, was introduced to me by the lovely Samantha Lien, from publicity company ‘Roger Charlie’, with the Kindle download being facilitated by the folks at NetGalley, I jumped at the chance to be part of the promotional tour and of course, to dip into the genre again.

To coincide with the book’s official release in September, Shannon has agreed to stop by with a guest post, so watch this space for more details 🙂


Kate Fox is living the dream. She’s married to Grand County Sheriff Ted Conner, the heir to her beloved Nebraska Sandhills cattle ranch, where they live with Kate’s orphaned teenage niece, Carly. With the support of the well-connected Fox Clan, which includes Kate’s eight boisterous and interfering siblings, Ted’s reelection as Grand County Sheriff is virtually assured. That leaves Kate to the solitude and satisfaction of Frog Creek, her own slice of heaven.

One night Kate answers a shattering phone call from Roxy at the Bar J. Carly’s granddad Eldon, owner of the ranch, is dead and Ted has been shot and may never walk again. Kate vows to find the killer. She soon discovers Ted responded so quickly to the scene because he was already at the Bar J . . . in Roxy’s bed. And to add to her woes, Carly has gone missing.

Kate finds out that Eldon was considering selling his ranch to an obscenely rich environmentalist. Some in town hate the idea of an outsider buying up land, others are desperate to sell . . . and some might kill to get their way. As she becomes the victim of several “accidents,” Kate knows she must find the killer before it’s too late. . . .

Clicking on the book’s cover image will link you directly to its Amazon ‘buy’ page.


Image Of Author Shannon Baker

Having grown up with a father who worked in big retail, Shannon’s family moved around frequently, living in California, Colorado, and Missouri. She married a rancher and moved to the Nebraska Sandhills for nearly 20 years, where cattle outnumber people by more than 50:1. After escaping Nebraska, she continued the nomadic life, moving seven times in ten years and while it may seem schizophrenic, it helped to create the incredible western settings in her novels.

Her ‘Nora Abbott’ mystery series, is a fast-paced mix of Hopi Indian mysticism, environmental issues, and murder, set in Flagstaff, AZ, where Shannon lived for several years and worked for The Grand Canyon Trust, a hotbed of environmentalists who, usually, don’t resort to murder.  It was a 2013 finalist in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards.

Shannon’s latest ‘Kate Fox’ mystery series, will be loved by all fans of character driven stories in a western setting, who will appreciate and enjoy the landscape brought to life in the Nebraska Sandhills.

Shannon has now ‘settled’ in Tucson, Arizona, with her favorite person, and her Weimaraner, Jezebel and whilst a devout fan of the beautiful Arizona sunsets, she still is, and always will be a Nebraska Husker. Go Big Red!

Shannon serves on the board for RMFW, Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and is also
an active member of International Thriller Writers , and Western Writers of America . She has
also been a featured keynote speaker for Friends of CU Libraries .

Because the goal in writing is always to get to the truth of a character, dig inside and find out what drives them and how they feel, I think there is a part of me in every character I write.

For me, the first and foremost challenge is plotting. How can I take all these really cool facts and other things I learn in research and fit them all together and add danger and intrigue and make it all keep building to a heart-stopping conclusion? After that is the sometimes plodding drudgery of getting it out of my head and onto paper (or screen). Now, I’m finding the push of marketing to be a challenge. So to sum this up: Plotting, Plodding, and Pushing.

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