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This small town mystery makes Fiction Books headlines
Mailbox Monday

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I have heard and seen author Marybeth Mayhew Whalen’s name mentioned so many times during my blogosphere travels, that I was really pleased to have been contacted by the lovely Katie from Little Bird Publicity, with a review opportunity for Marybeth’s latest novel, due out in May 2019. My thanks also extends, as always, to the folks at NetGalley, for their excellent download service.

I am also hoping to have Marybeth stop by for a chat closer to the publishing date, but until then …

USA readers can pre-order the book from Amazon.com

UK readers can pre-order the book from Amazon.co.uk


Cover Image Of The Book 'Only Ever Her' By Author Marybeth Mayhew WhalenIt was to be the perfect wedding—until the bride disappeared.

Annie Taft’s wedding is four days away, and it will be one of the grandest anyone can remember in her small South Carolina town. Preparations are in order. Friends and family are gathering in anticipation. Everything is going according to plan. Except that Annie herself has vanished. Did she have second thoughts?

Or has something much worse happened to the bride-to-be?

As the days pass, the list of suspects in her disappearance grows. Could it be the recently released man a young Annie misidentified as her mother’s killer? Could it be someone even closer to her?

While her loved ones frantically try to track her down, they’re forced to grapple with their own secrets—secrets with the power to reframe entire relationships, leaving each to wonder how well they really knew Annie and how well they know themselves.


Image Of Author Marybeth Mayhew WhalenMarybeth Mayhew Whalen is the author of When We Were Worthy, The Things We Wish Were True and five previous novels.

She regularly speaks to women’s groups around the US and is one of the co-founders of the popular women’s fiction site, She Reads, which has become rather a victim of its own success, overtaken the lives of its founders and has now decided to reinvent itself as a predominantly Instagram site.

Marybeth and her husband Curt have been married for 26 years and are the parents of six children. The family lives in North Carolina. Marybeth spends most of her time in the grocery store but occasionally escapes long enough to scribble some words.

She is always at work on her next novel and although her preferred social media platform these days is Instagram

You can also …

Keep up with all the latest news at Marybeth’s website

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Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share links to the books that came into their house during the last week. This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well, after all you never know where that next “must read” book will come from.


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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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    • Hi Kathy,

      Marybeth certainly looks like a fun person to be around, but with six children and a husband to look after, I’m sure there is never a dull moment in the Mayhew Whalen household and smiling through it all must surely be the only way to survive!

      I haven’t read any of her previous books, but I did check out all the premises, so if all goes well with ‘Only Ever Her’, then I shall definitely be adding them to my TBR list.

      Thanks for sharing and for taking the time to comment 🙂

    • Hi Alana,

      Thanks for visiting Fiction Books today, it is great to ‘meet’ you and I appreciate your comment.

      Marybeth is a new to me author also and as the official release date for the book isn’t until early May 2019, I should have plenty of time to read ‘Only Ever Her’ and get my review prepared 🙂

    • Hi Emma

      It is great to ‘meet’ you and thinks for stopping by today. I always look forward to having visitors and reading their lovely comments.

      Marybeth is being represented on this occasion by the lovely Katie from ‘Little Bird Publicity’ and we are both hoping that Marybeth will find time to stop by for a Q&A session, before the May publishing date, but she sounds like one busy lady!

      Happy Reading and have a great week 🙂

    • Hi Carol,

      There are just so many authors out there, both new and established, who I have yet to discover, but this was an opportunity just too good to miss and who doesn’t enjoy a good mystery?

      Thanks for visiting today, I love receiving comments, so keep them coming 🙂

    • Hi Mary,

      I am so pleased that Marybeth has to date, stuck to writing stand alone novels, which means that if I enjoy ‘Only Ever Her’, I can dip into her books and read more of her stories later.

      I have so far just not had the time to become au fait with either Facebook or Instagram, but I am working on both albeit slowly!

      Thanks for visiting. I hope that your week is going well so far and that you have some great books lined up 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I also like the cover of ‘Only Ever Her’, although in some ways it is a little too nice for the storyline to be anything other than a gentle mystery – or are appearances deceptive?

      I hope the map link I have left works okay for you. You should be able to see that the small market town of Frome is just over 100 miles directly left of London as you look at the map. Hubbie used to commute that distance to work every day, but these days we tend to avoid going up into Central London at all costs. It is just far too noisy and congested and if you take the car it costs an absolute fortune in parking and congestion charges!


      Have a great week and Happy Reading 🙂

      • Thank you, Yvonne, for the map. He works in New York City so the noise and congestion probably didn’t bother him. LOL!!

        Wow on traveling 100 miles a day.

        So is your weather nice?

        Thanks again…you are always so wonderfully thorough.

        • I assume your son comes across the pond for work, so I hope he arrived home again safely.

          Make that commute 200 miles a day if you count the return journey! Not surprising that we now have a different way of living!

          The weather is pretty non-descript at the moment. Only one snow fall this year and very little rain. Unseasonably warm this week, but cooling back to normal after the weekend.

          Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

    • Hi Kelly,

      I am truly hoping that Marybeth has time to submit a Guest Post, although she sounds like one busy lady, so I am not going to ‘hold her feet to the fire’ over it.

      Several other of our fellow bloggers seem to know all about Marybeth and they all enjoy her writing, so I am hoping for good things from ‘Only Ever Her’.

      I hope that all is well with you and thanks for visiting 🙂

    • Hi Veronica,

      On balance, the reviews for Marybeth’s books have been quite consistent, which is always a good sign for me. There are already several ARC reviews of ‘Only Ever Her’ posted and that same standard is being maintained, so all is looking good!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I always appreciate your visits 🙂

    • Hi Martha,

      To keep in line with the agreement I have reached with Marybeth’s publicist, I have had to bump ‘Only Ever Her’ up my reading list, all the way to the top, once I am done with my current chunkster thriller, which has me completely engrossed.

      Thanks for the kind words about the changes to the site, although I’m afraid that I can only take credit for the day to day posts and content, with the bulk of the creative and technical stuff being kept up together by my resident techie (AKA hubbie)!

      I am hoping the upgrade will help me to refocus and re-engage with my blogging mojo, although until I can solve the biggest problem of them all, not enough hours in the day, it is still difficult to organize a schedule.

      I hope that life is slowly returning to normal for you and thanks for making the time to stop by 🙂

  • A book I’ve seen featured on several blogs recently but I’ve yet to read any thoughts on it.

    Intrigued as to why anyone would disappear just days prior to their wedding (or, worse still, leave their intended standing there on the day itself) this promises to be a real page turner.

    • Hi Tracy,

      The reviews for this one are beginning to flow into Goodreads now, over 50 to date, although I have to be honest and say that they are a little mixed.

      I will generally scan the reviews before reading, but I have never yet decided not to read a book based on any lukewarm comments, as I believe that what one person dislikes about a book (or anything else for that matter), someone else might enjoy and vice versa. Personal taste can be very fickle!

      I have known of couples calling the wedding off at the very last minute and maybe even jilting their partner at the aisle, but to disappear as completely as Annie seems to have done, does sound a bit strange, especially knowing that she might have made enemies along the way!

      I hope that you remain as interested in checking this one out after I have published my review and thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Hi Naida,

      I do enjoy a good traditional murder / mystery from time to time and this author does come very highly recommended by many of our fellow bloggers.

      I don’t mind small town mysteries, as the author generally uses the opportunity to make the story very character based, with some good descriptive scenes as well.

      I only have one very small observation about small town format writing, and that is to express my sheer amazement at the number of murders one small town can sustain, especially when there doesn’t often seem to be single crimes, but clusters of victims! That just doesn’t happen in real life – does it?

      Good to have you visit and I hope that you have some great books lined up for your reading next week 🙂

    • Hi Nikki,

      I too, like this particular cover art, although I am worrying a little that it looks a bit too tame and tranquil for a potential murder enquiry. Still, as this book is next on my reading pile, I shan’t have too long to wait.

      Blue skies that colour and the beginnings of spring blossom opening out, have filled my day today, as we have been out and about with our weekend job for ‘Treasure Trails’. The wall to wall sunshine was perfect and definitely not a coat in sight, in Wiltshire!


      Thanks for stopping by and I hope that all is well with you 🙂

Written by Yvonne