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“A Jemima Fox Mystery”
‘The Diamond Connection’
by Josie Goodbody
Teaser Tuesday

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Cover Image of the book 'The Diamond Connection' by author Josie Goodbody


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“Flora was at home sitting on the sofa and reading the plethora of magazines she had bought, most of which seemed to be filled with what Kate Middleton would be wearing and who would be at the wedding in Westminster Abbey. The aroma of something delicious was coming from the oven in the kitchen.

“What a yummy smell!”

“Your favourite – fish pie from Waitrose!”

“Aah, how sweet of you, so nice to be at home,” Jemima said. “And am I pleased to see you after the day I’ve had! Paul Pratt is the bane of my life. At one point I thought that I was going to have to call Mr V, which I hate to do, as he’ll think I can’t handle things on my own. All I want to do is eat that pie, watch telly, have a bath and go to bed. I think that tomorrow will be great – as long as Paul doesn’t get in my way!”

“Oh…” Flora sounded suddenly nervous. “Jem, I didn’t want to tell you until after your event tomorrow but… I think you should know, Fritz is engaged.”

Jemima’s brain went numb and suddenly she couldn’t see or hear anything. Her throat tightened so she couldn’t swallow and her heart began to pound so frantically she thought she was having a heart attack. Spasms started careering down her left arm to her hand, which was suddenly mottled and tingling.

“Jem, say something. I shouldn’t have told you but I have just found out that her parents are taking them both to your event tomorrow; apparently they’re clients, did you know that? Fritz just called me to tell you. He feels awful but he only realised tonight that it was your party and it is too late to bail – the tickets are £5000 each.””

Cover Image of the book 'The Diamond Connection' by author Josie Goodbody

If you still need to know more, check out those all important opening lines here

Just to help you get everything into some context – check out the premise below

THE DIAMOND CONNECTION(Jemima Fox Mysteries Book #1)

Cover Image of the book 'The Diamond Connection' by author Josie GoodbodyThe most expensive diamond necklace in the world is stolen during a high-profile charity gala in London.

Jemima Fox-Pearl, Head of PR at fine jewellery house Vogel, travels between London, South Africa and New York in a bid to solve the crime, while unravelling a century-old mystery of the Cullinan Diamond’s fabled missing part.

With love, intrigue, danger and disaster.

The Diamond Connection is an enthralling read while Jemima is an exciting new heroine who readers will immediately love.

Image of author Josie Goodbody


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