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‘Breaking The Devil’s Heart’ by Hal Goodman

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of ‘Should Be Reading’.

Anyone can take part, by just doing the following:


  1.  Grab your current read.
  2.  Open to a random page.
  3. Share a couple of  “teaser” sentences, from somewhere on that page.
  4. Be careful not to share “spoiler” sentences.
  5. Remember to share the title and author too.
  6. Head on over to ‘should be reading’ and leave a link to your post, so that others can share it and you can share other people’s.

It would be great if you then decided to leave a comment for MizB, as we all like to receive them and are interested in sharing your thoughts.


‘Breaking The Devil’s Heart’ by H.A. Goodman

I have been eagerly waiting for the scheduled slot in my reading, to get to this book. I have been intrigued for so long by the synopsis and the first few lines, together with that fantastic cover art. I know that this is going to be something so completely different to anything I have read before and I am looking forward to getting started on it. I have scooted ahead to about the midway point for these teaser lines, so as to avoid any spoilers.

So as not to show any spoilers, I have not included a synopsis for this book, however, if you want to find out more about it, just click on the book image.

If you don’t really want to read any major spoilers, then you can tease yourself a little more, by reading the first few lines of the story … here.


All the religious souls in Heaven still believe that they have a direct link to what God wants, but nobody knows for sure since God hasn’t shown himself in Heaven or Hell, or anyplace else in the afterlife.

There’s no particular religion that’s favored in Heaven, they all just either get along perfectly, or, for the fundamentalists, stick to their own kind. That’s why things are so complicated.

As this was an author  invitation from the author, to read and review, a Kindle download was sent to me free of charge, in return for an honest and unbiased opinion.

This will in no way influence any comments I may express about the book, in any blog article I may post. Any thoughts or comments are my own personal opinion and I am in no way being monetarily compensated for this, or any other article.


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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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    • Hi Naida,

      I have only got a coupleof pages into this book, but I am already hooked. I just know that there are going to be so many great words and sentences which I am going to want to share, although I think that formulating a review is probably going to be much more of a challenge.
      Naturally yes, it all does start with that pretty eye-catching cover….

      Thanks for stopping by, it is always great to talk with you.

    • Hi Sandra,

      This author has had one previous book published, so he is not completely new to the scene.
      So far I am enjoying the story, although I am not quite sure that I have worked out the deeper plot as yet.
      Many of the concepts I have come across so far, are so readily transferrable to certain aspects of life today, that it is pretty ‘spooky’.

      Thanks for taking the time to check out the teaser lines and leave your comment, which is always appreciated.

    • Hi Shelley,

      This is a book unlike anything I have ever read before:

      “When Stewart and Layla recruit a demon to spy on the Devil, their decision takes them on whirlwind ride through the afterlife. Journey alongside this young couple in H. A. Goodman’s new novel, Breaking the Devil’s Heart, and join forces with a teenage Angel outcast to bankrupt Satan’s underground Company and save Heaven from civil war.”

      See what I mean?

      I am only a few pages into the story, but I am having great fun with it so far.

      Thanks for stopping by, it is always good to speak to you.

    • Hi Laurel-Rain,

      I am only a few pages into this book, yet I have found so many great sentences, that I want to share. Hal has a great style of writing that I really like and the whole concept of the book is both funny and disturbing at one and the same time:

      “Breaking the Devil’s Heart is an enlightening look into an alternate world, a new afterlife, and a profound journey inside the human conscience”

      Those words from the extended synopsis, just about sums this book up in a nutshel!

      Thanks for the visit and your comments, they are always appreciated.

    • Hi Mary Ann,

      I know that I have used several extracts from the books synopsis and the author bio. in ths post, but the words are the most succinct way of summing up what this great story is really all about:

      “In 2012, H. A. combined his love for fantasy and philosophy to create a whirlwind ride through the afterlife in Breaking the Devil’s Heart.”

      I am wondering just what has happened in the story, by the time I get to where my teaser lines are taken from, as they do sound quite intriguing, don’t they?

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, it is much appreciated.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for stopping by and linking up with Fiction Books. I love to ‘meet’ new people and you are always welcome here, no matter what you want to chat about.

      The cover is certainly eye-catching, isn’t it? The larger version on Hal’s website looks amazing…..


      The teaser lines are taken from about half way through the book, so I am a long way from reaching them yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying the read so far.

    • Hi Tracy,

      I did check out the reviews I could find, when I first received the request to review from Hal Goodman and I didn’t come across yours …. could you let me have a link to your review, as I would be really interested to see what you had to say.

      So far, I am still enjoying the book and the comparisons between Satan and the stockbrokers and bankers is particularly amusing (or at least it would be if it weren’t so true!). I am fast coming to the conclusion that the ‘good guys’ may not be all that good either, I can’t wait to find out.

Written by Yvonne