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‘Indigo’ (A Novella)
by Geraldine Solon
Teaser Extract

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This is a meme for all you page surfers out there!

Cover image of the book 'Indigo' by author Geraldine Solon




Janice was still chatting with the lady when I returned. I ignored them and went straight to my office, reminding myself that they were just distractions. I closed the door so I could concentrate on my work, but I couldn’t get over William’s actions today.

Moments later, there was a knock at my door.

‘Come in.’

‘Hi, Grace.’ Michael stood by the doorway. ‘May I have a moment with you?’

I froze. Please spend eternity with me. ‘Sure.’

He entered my office carrying a folder and settled into the seat across from me.

Being alone with Michael always sent a warm sensation to my heart, but today a dull ache washed upon me knowing we were two strangers in a foreign land without any history in this place. Only I had the memories and didn’t know how to convince him. Time was not on my hands.

Cover image of the book 'Indigo' by author Geraldine Solon

Just a few lines of teaser extract this time, as this is a novella length story and I don’t want to give too much away!

If you still need to know more, check out those all important opening lines at:

Book Beginnings On Friday

Just to help you get all those words into some context – check out the premise below.

Image of author Geraldine Solon updated version 2019


Cover image of the book 'Indigo' by author Geraldine SolonGrace and Michael are soulmates, and Heaven is the only world they’ve known.

While Grace and Michael play a game of tag, they discover an area prohibited by God. Piqued by their curiosity, Grace urges Michael to explore what’s out there, not realizing that the dark hole is a tunnel that leads to Earth. Michael is hesitant to probe further, but a slip in the ravine causes him to tumble and land on Earth. 

 Grace can’t afford to lose Michael, so she follows him to Earth, hoping to bring him back to Heaven.

Unbeknownst to Grace, on Earth, Michael is a married man with a three-year-old daughter and has lost all his memories of Heaven, including Grace. 

Despite the circumstances, Grace must bring Michael back during the full moon; otherwise, she is stuck on Earth forever.

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