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‘Memphis Hoodoo Murders’ by Kathryn Rogers
Teaser Tuesday Extract


Extract taken from Chapter 10

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All my life I had struggled with dreams so real I thought I would never escape them. The difference today was that this nightmare was no dream.

“What am I supposed to do? Call 911? Call a neighbor? Call the hospital?” I screamed a torrent of rhetorical questions that no one would ever answer.

Then suddenly in the midst of my insanity, I remembered Grandma talking to me. I could recall her telling me, “If anything ever happens to your Pop and me, call so-and-so, before you do anything else…” as her voice played back over and over in my mind.

My head was swimming. I couldn’t think.

“What did you tell me to do!? Who did you tell me to call? Why won’t you answer me?” I yelled at Grandma as my voice went into high pitched hysterics while Grandma lay there ignoring my desperate cries.


The Premise

Cover Image Of Book 'Memphis Hoodoo Murders' By Author Kathryn RogersAddie Jackson has witnessed people trying to kill her family her entire life, and now her grandparents’ attackers are hunting her. The Memphis police are never able to catch these crooks since the cops have been bewitched to stay away. Her grandparents, Pop and Grandma, habitually lie to Addie, but she is attentive enough to overhear the secrets they keep from her. In her predictive dreams, Addie regularly sees future events which disturb her, but to her dismay, she has never been able to stop them from coming true. She often dreams of a dark character, who she is later shocked to discover is the Man, a devil from hoodoo legend.

Addie is disturbed to discover she is being stalked by a witch doctor named Hoodoo Helen. To make matters worse, the more secrets Addie uncovers, the more danger she finds. Addie presses Grandma for answers about the power behind the ring and pocket watch she often toys with, but Grandma remains tight-lipped. Knowing their deaths are imminent, Grandma makes a deal with the hoodoo devil to take care of Addie, and Addie is later horrified to discover that her beloved family has been murdered. John, a family friend, steps in to help Addie, and she soon realizes he knows more about her family’s tainted past than she ever has. Addie begins receiving cryptic letters from her deceased grandmother, which reveal a shocking family history revolving around slavery, time travel, and magic.

If Addie can survive jail, her cousin’s abduction, threats from a menacing gang, corrupt law enforcement, and hoodooed attacks, maybe she can finally dream of a future where she will be safe and free.

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I can’t remember a time, even as a child, when I haven’t been passionate about books and reading.
I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • I’ve read and reviewed this one! I hope you’re enjoying it, Yvonne. I’ll be interested to see how your thoughts compare with mine. 🙂

    • I am almost done with this book now and to be honest, I still don’t really know what I am going to write about it in my review.

      Even though it probably isn’t a book I would generally choose for myself, I did enjoy the story a lot and spent quite a lot of time researching various events and terminology which were highlighted during my reading.

      Ratings and reviews have been very positive on the whole and it is probably the strangest story I have read this year 🙂

    • I must admit that I did think twice before agreeing to read this one, as I am generally very sceptical about anything ‘cult’ centred.

      However, I am so pleased that I decided to accept, even though reviewing the book in a constructive and accurate way, is going to be very difficult.

      My first challenge was to separate my Hoodoo from my Voodoo, which made the entire storyline much more comprehensible, although I still find that cover pretty disturbing.

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading 🙂

  • A Witch Doctor? A Hoodoo Devil? Count me in.

    A book that I seem to remember Kelly reviewing. Not the sort of read I’d associate with you, I look forward to reading your thoughts on this Yvonne.

    • I think it was me who introduced the book to Kelly, in one of my early promotional posts, but that was so long ago now, that you can see just how long books are sitting on my ‘Want To Read’ shelf for – Hangs head in shame 🙁

    • Not home right now, but I will try and stop by later, if not, as soon as possible – I’m intrigued now!!

      (Celebrations have begun for the big 60 – hubbie’s tomorrow and mine on Friday) 🙂

      • Happy birthday to you and your husband!!! My 6-0 will be in the fall, and I still find that number hard to comprehend!! We’re still so young! 😀

        • Thanks, although it is just a shame that the weather isn’t playing ball, as it is absolutely hammering down with rain here.

          We have several days of celebrations planned with various friends and family, so normal service won’t really be resumed until Monday 🙂

          Dave has spent all day going on about how much older everyone looks now he is 60, which I really don’t get at all. To me it is just another day and I never actually think about my age. It certainly doesn’t worry me anyway. Age is just a number, it’s how you feel that counts 🙂

    • I wasn’t quite so disturbed about the whole storyline, as it is all fiction – or so I thought. I had no idea, until I decided to reaserch a couple of events and words more closely, that hoodoo is still practiced in the southern United States, today. In reality, that probably means that it is still practiced in many other countries around the world as well!

  • I’m not a fan of this cover, but never judge a book by its cover. The snippet you shared sounds interesting and the premise sounds creepy. Hope you are enjoying this one.

    • A very spooky and troubling storyline for sure, and the intensity of it had me glued to the page, right up to the last word!

      Whilst I can’t say that I ‘liked’ the cover art, it is certainly relevant to the story and probably no worse than many of the Stephen King novels you are so fond of. 🙂

      I gave this one 4 stars on Goodreads, which in part does reflect the uniqueness of the story.

Written by Yvonne