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‘Once You Know’
by Madeleine Van Hecke
Teaser Extract

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Cover image of the book 'Once You Know' by author Madeleine Van Hecke





Colleen watched Izzy show Derek how to manipulate the pulleys at one of the water tables. Her bare feet on the artificial turf, Izzy told her dad, “You pull this rope and I pull the other one, then the water makes a funnel down here,” Derek patiently followed Izzy’s lead to navigate a ship through locks and dams, but Izzy kept mistiming the release of the water.

“Oh, Izzy!” Colleen protested, seeing water spray and a damp blot spread across the front of Izzy’s red t-shirt. Derek winked and splashed Izzy, soaking her even more. Then he pulled her, laughing, to the bank of hairdryers where children dried their clothes.

Izzy turned the hairdryer on her father. He pretended to be upset that she’d mussed his hair. Izzy giggled and flashed a smile at Colleen. When Derek chased Izzy around the water obstacle course, she twisted around to mist him with her squirt gun. Colleen thought of all the times she’d wondered how she could have been so blind to what Derek had been doing. The scene before her seemed like the answer to that question. When Izzy shot a spray of mist at her father, and then whooped at his pursuit, Colleen lifted her phone and captured the chase on film. Replaying it, she couldn’t help smiling. In a burst of optimism, Colleen forwarded the clip to Rachel with the text, Maybe we can get through this.

Cover image of the book 'Once You Know' by author Madeleine Van Hecke

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My review is currently scheduled for 15th October 2020


Cover image of the book 'Once You Know' by author Madeleine Van HeckeFeisty, Irish-Catholic Colleen Moretti thrust the letter into the back of a drawer. Her plan: ignore the fault line until the tremors pass. But her husband’s betrayal is far worse than Colleen suspects.

In this complex story of a family unravelling, both Colleen and her college-age daughter Rachel struggle to maintain their balance amidst feelings of love and loss, anger and betrayal. A gifted cellist, Rachel escapes into her music and her campus life, including her burgeoning romance with her first real boyfriend. But her coming of age tale is fraught with complications from what’s happening in her family. In her desperation to sustain hope, Colleen turns a blind eye to Rachel’s struggles. Instead, she clutches to her faith that preaches forgiveness and to the tender memories that preserve her image of the man she has known her husband to be. Mixed in this soup is eight-year-old Izzy, whom both Colleen and Rachel try to protect from the fallout of this conflict.

With two daughters caught in the middle of a crumbling marriage, one who would love to see her father cut out of their lives and the other who would be crushed to lose him, Colleen is trapped in a no-win situation. Colleen finally realizes she can’t save her daughters, her marriage, and herself, so… who will she choose?

Image of author Madeleine Van Hecke

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  • From what I remember of the opening lines for this book, things sound a little more positive here. But I bet that’s just a lull in the storm! Hope you’re enjoying this one, Yvonne.

    • Hi Kelly,

      Definitely the lull before the storm!

      This is definitely a case of Colleen sticking her head in the sand, which she does a lot of by the way!

      It takes something terrible to make her get to grips with reality and decide where her priorities really lay.

      There is some light at the end of the tunnel, but you’ll have to wait for my review 🙂

  • The plot is, unfortunately, similar to what many go through. It’s also not exactly my cup of tea, as I wouldn’t be able to relate to her for an array of reasons. A divorce is between a couple, not between one of the parents and their children. Also, her religious views would annoy me.

    • Hi Anca,

      I appreciate that if you have personal reasons for not relating to the storyline as it seems to be presented, this might be one for you to pass on!

      However, despite the fact that Colleen’s catholic religious beliefs did irk me a little and she definitely sticks her head well and truly in the sand when she finds out the truth, this is not a story where divorce plays the main part – it is much worse than that, although I don’t want to give away any more ‘spoilers’!

      It is quite an emotionally challenging storyline and I did think that the author handed it really well!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It wouldn’t do if we all enjoyed the same kind of books, there would be nothing to discuss or share opinions about 🙂

Written by Yvonne