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‘Pleasure and action make the hours seem short’
‘Angel Avenger’
Author Tim Wickenden
Teaser Tuesday

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Cover image of the book 'Angel Avenger' by author Tim Wickenden




‘Pleasure and action make the hours seem short’

It is well after mid-night when Max gets home. After they’d handed over the scene to forensics and got their burns checked out, their systems still pumped, they had met with Tobi at Beni’s, a Bierkeller close to the office and had a few drinks to put some distance from the day’s events. 

Earlier, he had telephoned the others putting them in the picture and standing them down.

When Max had called Anna, she had been concerned as she knew that an event like this was bound to stir up painful memories. Like so many survivors, Max had spent the entire war either fighting or recovering from wounds. At the start he had been no more than a boy; witnessed and done terrible things, been dragged along in the maelstrom of misdirection and misplaced loyalty, duped by a criminal regime. He, she, and all those with a conscience carried the guilt side-by-side with the trauma and the unresolved conflict of their complicity.

She knew he had played-down the events of the evening and encouraged him to go and blow off some steam with the men that shared so much more than a career.

She waits up, and when the key turns in the door, and he steps in, fatigue etched on his grubby face, she hugs him: the kind only someone special can give.

Cover image of the book 'Angel Avenger' by author Tim Wickenden

If you still need to know more, check out those all important opening lines here

Just to help you get everything into some context – check out the premise below


Cover image of the book 'Angel Avenger' by author Tim WickendenSeptember 1960. In the Spandauer forest Detectives Max Becker and Bastian Döhl, from the Berlin Kriminalpolizei, find a naked, tortured man tied to a tree.

A cryptic message hangs from his neck.

When another body appears, Max is sure it won’t be the last.

The press dub the killer, Der Waldscharfrichter (The Forest Executioner) and graphic tattoos on the bodies suggest that the victims are Russians with a criminal past.

As more bodies and messages appear, they lead Max and his team to a horrific past event, wounds that run deep in the Berlin psyche, plunging Max into a conflict between his sense of duty and justice.

Image of author Tim Wickenden


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