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‘Silent Partner’ by Stan Schatt

“It must be her aura. I never believed it when our astrology writer talked about aura’s, but that’s what I must be seeing. All I can tell you is that this woman’s so dark that it’s scary enough to make me shiver.”

“Listen, when I saw Phil’s murder I felt hatred and real rage. With her, I don’t feel any emotion at all; it’s so controlled that it seems unnatural, like she’s used to hiding things. I don’t expect you to understand because I don’t really get it either.”

“Maybe he’s her green card. Maybe we’re looking at all of this wrong. What if the killer murdered Foster because of the other story he was writing and Lorna was just in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

Kindle Edition 45%

So as not to show any spoilers I have not included a synopsis, however, you can find out more about the story by simply clicking on the cover image.

If you don’t really want to read any major spoilers, then you can tease yourself a little more, by reading the first few lines of the story … here

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I began blogging, when I realised just how many other people out there shared my passion for the written word and I have been continually amazed at the wealth of books that are available and the amount of great new friends I have made, from literally 'The Four Corners Of The World'.

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  • You’ve included some interesting snippets here. I tend to shy away from most stories about the paranormal, but will admit that I think evil is one of those things that can definitely be felt! A scary presence, at that!

    I’m reading The Villa in Italy by Elizabeth Edmondson (for my book club) and this is taken from where I currently am at 72% into the Kindle version:

    “Delia’s heart had taken over her body; thump, thump, thump. Her mouth was dry and sour and her stomach felt as thought she had fallen abruptly from a great height. Speechless and motionless, she stood frozen, her towel dangling from one hand.”

      • Avi – I have something by that author on my shelf!

        I’ve not talked to anyone about our book yet, but I know I’m certainly enjoying it. 🙂

    • Hi Kelly,

      I must admit that when author Stan Schatt contacted me about the possibility of me reading and reviewing ‘Silent Partner’, I was quite sceptical as to whether I could offer an objective review, because of the paranormal elements to the story, an area which touches on a genre I generally don’t read.

      However, I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of blending between the paranormal and mystery aspects of the storyline, so much so, that I have agreed to review the second book in the series ‘A Bullet For The Ghost Whisperer’.

      It would still take a lot to convince me that someone could genuinely know so much about a person simply by meeting them, or touching something they own, however I’m with you about being able to ‘feel’ evil enough to make me scared.
      I am wondering exactly where Delia is stood with her towel in hand – are we talking on the beach, by the pool, or in the shower, I ask myself? Once again your extract evokes an emotion I can relate to, that of fear, with all the symptoms the author has applied to Delia.

      I shall be interested in knowing what the general opinion was about the book, from the members of your group, as in general, reviews and ratings have been quite mixed, with most calling the book a good piece of escapist writing, which reads well if you are on holiday, or you like Italy.

      Thanks for sharing and I hope that you have a good book club meeting and discussion about ‘The Villa In Italy’ 🙂

    • Hi LuAnn,

      Thank you so much for stopping by Fiction Books this week. I always enjoy meeting new bloggers, so be assured that your visits and comments will be much anticipated and appreciated 🙂

      The first couple of teasers are slightly chilling, however I do agree with you that the third is definitely the most intriguing, especially if you know nothing else about the storyline!

      Foster does have a very chequered past, although there are several motive possibilities being dangled in front of me by the author and as yet, despite being more that three-quarters done with the book, I have no idea where the final axe is going to fall 🙂

      It is good to chat wth you on TT and I hope that we might link up on some of the other brilliant memes in which I articipate 🙂

    • Hi Lorraine,

      I am definitely not a huge fan of the paranormal, although I do enjoy a good murder / mystery or suspense / thriller.

      I can honestly say that I am genuinely enjoying ‘Silent Partner’, as the mixing and merging of the two genres, has been very skilfully executed and is virtually seamless, offering a very fluid reading experience.

      I am almost through reading the book now, however as yet I still have no idea of the murderer’s identity, or exactly how he or she, is going to be unmasked!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Hi Joy,

      Thank you for stopping by Fiction Books this week. There are three ‘newbies’ altogether this time, which I am so pleased about, as I love meeting new people, who have a shared interest in discussing books. Your visits and comments will always be valued 🙂

      My most favourite genres are murder/mystery and suspense/thriller, although with the possible exception of science fiction, I will read just about anything which catches my eye!

      Paranormal, is usually quite a long way down the ‘Want To Read’ list, but to be honest, it works so well as part of this storyline, that I haven’t really noticed it all that much. In fact I have already accepted Stan Schatts second book in the series, for review.

      Have a great rest of the week 🙂

    • Hi Wendy,

      The female with the ‘aura’, isn’t the female lead in this story. However there is a very strong female lead, who certainly isn’t to be messed with. Although as with the majority of police officers (both real and fictional it would seem), she brings a wealth of personal and professional challenges to the table.

      I was quite surprised at just how readily she accepted the paranormal influences being introduced into her investigation and suspect that she has more than a grudging respect for Josh 🙂

      Great to have you stop by this week and thanks for the interesting comment, to widen the discussion 🙂

  • Doesn’t sound like my kind of book, after all… but you definitely “teased” me into going to check it out! Thanks for playing! 😀


    • Hi Jenn,

      Thank YOU for continuing to host this excellent meme, which always seems to be so well supported by everyone.

      ‘Happy Reading’ 🙂

  • “It must be her aura. I never believed it when our astrology writer talked about aura’s, but that’s what I must be seeing. All I can tell you is that this woman’s so dark that it’s scary enough to make me shiver.” – Sounds good, thank you for sharing these teasers.

    He grew shrunken and pale. Jealousy is more painful than any illness, especially when that jealousy is nourished only by suspicion and without evidence.
    -Page 130, The Same Old Story by Ivan Goncharov.

    As you know I’m not a big fan of the so-called classics so can you believe I’m reading one and not an English one at that. I’m busy reading (and actually enjoying) a Russian classic,

    • Hi Tracy,

      Whilst I am enjoying this book for what it is – A well written and constructed, intriguing murder/mystery – I’m afraid that nothing will convince me personally, to believe in anything to do with paranormal or psychic events; so for me it is simply another element of a good storyline.
      Whilst I really do want to get around to reading some of the classics, I generally find that they get pushed to the back-burner by the constant influx of new books and authors to be discovered and enjoyed.

      Many of the classics are also so ‘chunky’ that I tend to be put off before I have even turned to the first page.

      Having said all that, I have a real thing about the classics being added to, re-written or adapted for a modern day market and reader. They are classics for a reason, so leave them be!!

      I can really relate to the excellent choice of teaser lines you shared and having checked out the book (I see this is one of the shorter classics 🙂 ), can see right away how the sentence is fitting into the intriguing storyline.

      Thanks for sharing and I hope that the book is a big hit for you 🙂

  • It sounds like Lorna is in a whole lot of trouble. I find the topic of aura’s really interesting. It is hard however to know if a person claiming to see auras is a fluke or not.
    Happy reading and happy weekend 🙂

    • Hi Naida,

      Lorna is in a whole load of trouble, more than you could imagine – she’s dead! – definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time!

      I know that there are many people who believe in the whole concept of mystic and paranormal experiences, including aura’s and I couldn’t possibly say that they were wrong, as no-one really knows for certain. Personally though, I am very sceptical about the whole phenomenon and would read a book such as ‘Silent Partner’, as a good piece of fiction writing and nothing else.

      I don’t follow horoscope predictions either, nor do I ever read the letters pages in magazines or newspapers. Conversations and editorial discussed by the characters in the book, for me only confirm my opinion that most, if not all of it, is made up and is simply an article of creative writing and journalism.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, you always bring a new perspective to the conversation 🙂

Written by Yvonne