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The Audacity Of Sara Grayson
by Joani Elliott
Teaser Extract

An open book led on a table with a lilac flower resting on the open pages - featured image for Teaser Tuesday posts - caption reads 'Take A Look - Read The Book?'

This is a weekly meme for all you ‘page surfers’ out there!

cover image of the book 'The Audacity Of Sara Grayson' by author Joani Elliott




From: Anna-Katherine Green

To: Sara Grayson

Date: Sunday, July 28, 11:43 AM

Subject: Times reporter


The Times reporter showed up at my house yesterday. I didn’t let him in, but I talked to him on my porch. I know it’s not protocol, but I was curious. He said he talked to a former secretary at Thornton Books in London, the publisher of  Silence in Stepney, you know, Meredith Lamb’s book? The secretary claims she knows both Meredith Lamb and Dad’s sister, Mary Grayson. Apparently the three were close friends. The woman insists Mum’s first book was plagiarized. She says she can prove it. Meredith is bound by the nondisclosure clause when she settled with Mum, but I don’t think Mary is. We could try and find her. Maybe she would answer some questions.

Cartwright wants to go public with the new claims, but I think he’s looking for more solid evidence before he does that.

Don’t you find it strange that we hardly know Dad’s sister? Mum always said that Mary wanted nothing to do with the family and that she moved to Australia right after Dad died. I have vague memories – picking up fall leaves with her when we were little and her bringing us Pixy Stix.


cover image of the book 'The Audacity Of Sara Grayson' by author Joani Elliott

So, you have taken a look, would you read the book?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Just to give you an extra helping hand to make your mind up, let’s take a look at the book’s premise.

Image of author Joani Elliott


cover image of the book 'The Audacity Of Sara Grayson' by author Joani ElliottWhat happens when your mother’s dying wish becomes your worst nightmare?

What happens when the world’s greatest literary icon dies before she finishes the final book in her best-selling series?
And what happens when she leaves that book in the hands of her unstable, neurotic daughter, who swears she’s not a real writer?

Sara Grayson is a thirty-two-year-old greeting card writer about to land the toughest assignment of her life. Three weeks after the death of her mother—a world-famous suspense novelist—Sara learns that her mother’s dying wish is for her to write the final book in her bestselling series.

Sara has lived alone with her dog, Gatsby, ever since her husband walked out with their Pro Double Waffle Maker and her last shred of confidence. She can’t fathom writing a book for thirty million fans—not when last week’s big win was resetting the microwave clock.
But in a bold move that surprises even herself, Sara takes it on. Against an impossible deadline and a publisher intent on sabotaging her every move, Sara discovers that stepping into her mother’s shoes means stumbling on family secrets she was never meant to find—secrets that threaten her mother’s legacy and the very book she’s trying to create.

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  • Well…. the premise of the book sounds fairly interesting, but I’m not sure this excerpt really grabbed me. I’m guessing that’s an email within the story? I’ll just have to wait for your thoughts when you give the full review.

    • Hi Kelly,

      Yes, definitely an email within the story, although there are only a couple of them and they don’t form a substantial part of the storyline. This one is between our wannabe protagonist author, Sara and her sister, Anna-Kath.

      By now, not only does Sara have the trauma and angst of needing to come up with a block-busting finale to her late mothers award winning series, but some rather disturbing family connections have reared their ugly heads and not everyone wishes Sara well with her challenge!

      Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy a good exchange about our various books, and I hope that all is well with you 🙂

    • Hi Angie,

      If you enjoy the cut and thrust of a good thriller or crime story, then this one would probably seem a little tame by comparison!

      These days I enjoy a much more eclectic mix of genres in my reading schedule, and whilst I might still always give first choice to the more adrenalin filled stories, I am more up for trying something different.

      This was one such book, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it!

      Thanks for still taking the time to visit and comment, I truly appreciate that 🙂

Written by Yvonne