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‘The Devil’s Ribbon’ by D.E. Meredith

So as not to show any spoilers I have not included a synopsis, however, if you want to find out more about the story, just click on the book image, or to read more about both book and author go here.

If you don’t really want to read any major spoilers, then you can tease yourself a little more, by reading the first few lines of the story … here.

The closet door opened, but rather than diving out, for some reason Hatton chose to stay hidden, watching carefully as Mr Tescalini selected a jacket from the cupboard, a starched white shirt, a paisley tie. The Italian left, leaving the door ajar, and went off whistling somewhere. And Hatton was out, not looking back for even a second, but keeping up a pace until he turned the corner into Pall Mall, and hailing a hackney, thundered back to St Bart’s, despite all that had happened, ahead of himself.

There was a loud noise emanating from the mortuary room. The sound of hacking, indicating that Monsieur Roumande was already sleeves rolled up, bespattered in gore, and organising some sort of lobotomy or a partitioning of bones. Flies were already thick in the air, the oilcloth on the floor swimming with guts, as Hatton reached the dissection slab where the new cadaver lay. Roumande looked like he had been in a fight with a bear. Taking a cloth, Hatton said, “Here, Albert. I can’t have a conversation until I can see you better!”

Hardcover Edition – page 158 out of 330

As this was an author review request, a lovely complimentary hardcover edition of, ‘The Devil’s Ribbon’, was sent to me by author D.E. Meredith.

This will in no way influence any comments I may express about the book, in any blog articles I may post. Any thoughts or comments will be my own personal opinion and I am in no way being monetarily compensated for this, or any other article.

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  • This book is on my wish list and, having read and enjoyed the first installment featuring these characters, I’m sure I’ll get to this one eventually. Interesting teasers you shared.

    Here’s a bit from what I’m currently reading, The Cricket on the Hearth by Charles Dickens

    “His garb was very quaint and odd – a long, long way behind the time. Its hue was brown, all over. In his hand he held a great brown club or walking-stick; and striking this upon the floor, it fell asunder, and became a chair. On which he sat down, quite composedly.”

    • Hi Kelly,

      I haven’t read the first book in the series, however The Devil’s Ribbon works fine as a stand alone from what I can see. I am almost done reading it and have thoroughly enjoyed the storyline so far.

      I have to admit that my reading and knowledge of many of the classics, is very sadly lacking. I of course am familiar with A Christmas Carol, but had no idea that there were a total of five books in the seasonal series. I love the cover featured by Goodreads for the paperback version of The Cricket On The Hearth and your chosen teaser lines are intriguing and very descriptive.

      Thanks for sharing today, I always look forward to your comments/post.

    • Hi Sonia,

      I concede that some passages in the book are a little graphic, but then if you consider that there really was not that much difference between the pioneers of early autopsy and forensic work and butchers, the words are put into context straightaway.

      Sorry if this particular passage shocks or offends you, it was meant to do neither, but it showcases the premise of the book beautifully.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    • Hi Mary Ann,

      I have to admit that some of the murder scenes and mortuary visits are rather graphic and probably best not read alone and in the dark!

      However, the descriptive language used is totally relevant to the storyline, which would be very shallow and pedestrian without the reality check!

      Thanks for visiting today, I always appreciate your comments.

    • Hi Laura,

      Overall ratings for The Devil’s Ribbon’ are quite high, although individual star ratings have been very mixed, with some readers commenting negatively on the flow of the writing style.

      To me, by default, historical crime fiction is never going to be quite as high impact, or moving at such a fast pace, as modern contemporary thrillers. Taking that into account, I am so far quite impressed with Denise’s writing style and narrative.

      The Devil’s Ribbon, is the second book in the Hatton & Roumande series, although it can be read perfectly well as a stand alone story.

      Thanks for stopping by today. It is always good to chat with you.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Sorry you don’t feel this is a book for you, in which case I thank you sincerely for still taking the time to comment.

      Whilst perhaps descriptive to the nth degree, I really do think that from my perspective, this is a story which is as true to the period as much as it can be and as such, I can’t help but be drawn into the characters lives.

      I am simply hoping that the ending doesn’t disappoint.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Hi Tracy,

      I notice that you didn’t seem too enamoured of your last couple of books, so I hope that you get a break next time and find a story you love, which is also well written and presented.

      You didn’t appear to be over impressed with your reading experience of ‘The Devil’s Ribbon’ either … “Oddly Disappointed”, was how I think you phrased it!

      I am almost finished reading the book and overall I have been quite impressed with the storyline. My only slight criticism might be that I don’t think enough was made of the forensic science work which Hatton and Roumande were pioneering, but as a historical crime fiction novel, I think it works very well.

      Thanks for stopping by, your comments are always appreciated.

Written by Yvonne