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‘The High Flyer’ by Susan Howatch

The trouble was that I could not now think of my marriage without being assaulted by a wave of  unbearable emotions which I felt quite unable to handle. Rage that Kim should have been deceiving me on such a huge scale, coupled with horror at his disastrous involvement with Mrs. Mayfield, were followed by grief that my love had apparently been a grand illusion, coupled with a violent, unforgiving self-disgust that I should have made such a devastating mess of my personal life …

Nobody suggested that it was my moral duty to visit my husband. Nobody talked about my moral responsibilities as a wife. But Val kept in touch with the doctors at the hospital, Nicholas kept in touch with the senior chaplain there, and now Lewis was talking of keeping in touch with Kim himself. The more I tried to escape from the reality of my shattered marriage, the more my new companions seemed to be quietly drawing my attention back to the husband I was unable to confront.

Paperback Edition Page 297 and 299

So as not to show any spoilers I have not included a synopsis, however, you can find out more about the storyline and author clicking on the book image above.

If you don’t really want to read any major spoilers, then you can tease yourself a little more, by reading the first few lines of the story by visiting this page

She certainly is harbouring some very strong and powerful emotions about her husband. I wonder if she eventually goes to visit him in hospital?…

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  • I’m not sure this sounds like one I would like. These teasers don’t really grab me any more than the opening lines did. It sounds like an awful lot of “drama” which I have plenty of in my own life at the moment. 🙂

    That said… my current read seems to be filled with its share of drama as well. This comes from 5% into the kindle version of Fourth of July Creek by Smith Henderson.

    “The children were like children from anywhere, maybe a little less so. Which is to say they watched very little television and lived in trailers and cabins. In the main, they behaved themselves, but that didn’t mean all of them were suited for much more than seventh or eighth grade. Nurturing a child’s intelligence was still considered a bit indulgent – the sooner they got to work, the better.”

    • Hi Kelly,

      Never having had anyone in our families or circle of friends who have gone through what Carter and Kim are having to face, I can’t begin to think of the many different emotions which must come into play and which Carter seems to have summed up quite nicely in those teaser lines.

      However, I do see where you are coming from, in that there does seem to be be quite a lot of trauma and drama involved, which could put a lot of readers off. This section of writing really is quite indicative of the rest of the storyline and there is also the added drama of Carter’s faith issues coming into play more and more as the book progresses, so this may well not be one for you.
      I have marked ‘Fourth Of July’ creek as one to read, however I might be beginning to have second thoughts about that. We too, have areas within our country which display “the disquieting and violent contradictions”, which author Smith Henderson refers to, however I’m not too sure that I want to read an entire book out such a community or individual … Perhaps it would be just a bit too much of a ‘wake-up call’, although the involvement of none less than the FBI, is quite intriguing.

      I shall be interested in reading what you think about this one 🙂

    • Hi Sandra,

      It definitely sounds like a case of “The Best Laid Plans ….” and all that.

      Carter has her life so well mapped out, that even the slightest signs of something not going according to plan, causes a major trauma in her life … Although in all fairness, I think that this particular incident would have even the best of us in a spin!

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment 🙂

    • Hi Laura,

      I don’t think that Carter is used to having her emotions so turbulently charged, in her well-ordered and organised life, hence the fact that she seems to be bemoaning more that she is disgusted with herself, for losing control of her marriage, than looking to herself as a possible cause for the break-up! Although, the further I read, the more I suspect that Kim and this Mrs. Mayfield may not be squeaky clean in all of this.

      I’m not sure that I would have turned to religion for help, had I been Carter, so I am interested as to where this particular journey is going to take her…

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I always look forward to your visits 🙂

    • Hi Naida,

      That’s basically how it’s shaping up, although there is a bit more to it than that and the situation just keeps getting more and more strange … No, not strange, more like threatening and sinister, if I’m being honest! I’m sure we are on the brink of something big happening …

      Hope you have enjoyed your weekend so far. It has been freezing cold here for the past couple of days and the early displays of spring flowers have taken a real battering!

      ‘Happy Reading’ 🙂

Written by Yvonne