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The Monte Carlo Connection
by Josie Goodbody
Teaser Extract

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Cover Image of the book 'The Monte Carlo Connection' by author Josie Goodbody


A Jemima Fox mystery – book #3




” ‘What time is this luncheon at the Hotel du Cap?’ James asked a little later, as Jemima held up the dress she’d been wearing the night before and wondered how on earth she’d be able to get across Monaco in it without looking like a tramp – huge engagement ring or no huge engagement ring!

James caught her worried look. ‘There are some clothes boutiques in the hotel,’ he said, kissing her forehead. ‘Grab something that’s not too expensive, I’ve got a honeymoon to pay for,’ he said with a smile. ‘And put it on my room account.’ He walked into the bathroom and passed her one of the hotel’s creamy towelling robes and a pair of their matching, embossed slippers. Jemima quickly wrapped the robe around her and pushed her sore feet into the slippers.

‘The luncheon’s at 2pm,’ Jemima said. ‘We should leave around 12 noon at the latest. I have to pick up a Ferrari beforehand.’ She laughed and rushed out of the room before there were any more questions.

James watched his fiancee leave with an expression of bemused adoration.

Jemima hurried down the hall. There was a lot to do and she wanted to have a quick swim in the hotel’s rooftop pool to get rid of her hangover before heading back to the apartment, where she would change into something suitably sexy for a diamond pool party, before collecting Mrs Vogel’s Ferrari and driving along the coast to the most beautiful hotel she’d ever heard of – so she could drop it off on their way back to Monaco. She hoped that one of Mr Vogel’s villa staff members would give them a lift the rest of the way. She knew that, with Monaco’s Grand Prix barriers, she’d have to be quick in the pool. It was only a week to the race, and the roads were becoming more impossible to navigate with each passing day.”

Cover Image of the book 'The Monte Carlo Connection' by author Josie Goodbody

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Image of author Josie Goodbody


A Jemima Fox mystery – Book #3

Cover Image of the book 'The Monte Carlo Connection' by author Josie GoodbodyDiamond detective, Jemima Fox is tasked with hunting down the priceless Vogel Vanderpless diamonds that were stolen in The Diamond Connection by her nemesis Petrina Lindberg. She finds herself caught between searching for half-a-century-year-old stolen jewels and catching a gang of thieves during the Cannes Film Festival.

While charged with looking after one of the world’s most famous film stars, Jemima realises that it’s not just the Vogel jewels which are at stake, but something much more profound.

Will a pair of rare sapphire earrings – thought to be part of the Romanov Imperial Jewel Collection, but stolen from Monaco’s Hotel de Paris in 1956, and now on the hit list of the notorious jewel gang, the Pink Panthers – ever be recovered?

Between diamonds and mega-yachts, death-defying car chases and a devastating murder, The Monte Carlo Connection transports you to the sumptuous surroundings of the Côte d’Azur, as though you were spending the summer there.

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