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‘The Recipient’ By Dean Mayes

What on earth am I going to find?

Lionel pushed through his doubt and tapped the door three times, then lowered his hand to the handle. He opened the door and quietly stepped into the room. Its starkness assaulted him at once. The walls were painted in a crisp white. Though a high window allowed light and the colour of the grounds beyond into the room, a cold and clinical feeling enveloped him – and it wasn’t pleasant. There was a single bed. Actually, it wasn’t even a bed. Rather, it was a large, vinyl-encased piece of foam with a pillow, sheets and a quilt.

No metal or fittings that could be used as a weapon to harm – or to inflict self-harm, Lionel thought.

Teaser Lines from page 128 of PDF version

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Books And A Beat Graphic For Teaser Tuesday


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  • Ooooh – I get a little shiver every time I see a passage reproduced!

    I was so pleased to be able to bring Lionel Broadbent back from The Hambledown Dream. I didn’t have a clear back story for him when I reintroduced him in The Recipient – other than what I already knew about him from his role in Hambledown. The idea to have him be a retired police officer came later, after I did some reading about a celebrated police detective here in Australia name Ron Iddles. It was one of those lightning bolt moments.

    I based Lionel’s physical presence on British actor Geoffrey Palmer. I am a closet devotee of the series “As Time Goes By” starring Geoffrey and Judi Dench and I just love Geoffrey’s curmudgeonly take on…Lionel!

    • Hi Dean,

      I have taken these teaser lines from the exact place in the story I have reached in my reading, so I have no idea what comes next. Not that it really matters, as there are so many great passages to choose from on just about every page!

      It is kind of spooky reading some of the text, as my sister-in-law has been through two kidney transplants, including the second one which was a live donation from her husband, my brother. I am now wondering if there are ever any ‘feelings and emotions’ either of them have, which have only manifested themselves in the intervening 6 years since the transplant – I can certainly see why they both needed so much counselling before the procedure was agreed upon by the hospital.

      Geoffrey Palmer is such a prolific actor, that even I had forgotten many of the films and television series he has put his name to over the years. I can quite see why you decided to model your Lionel upon him though and I am now hoping that he is going to be the calming voice of reason for the ‘Schillinge’ family in ‘The Recipient’.

      I hope that you are on the road to recovery now and thanks for taking such an active role in the discussion, Your guest post will air on Wednesday 27th April, as agreed 🙂

      • Thanks Yvonne. In all of my research, the big standout for me was just how arduous the re-transplant counselling is. It is – as it should be – a complex process and I really admire the clinicians and allied health professionals who choose to work in that field.

        I’m under strict orders to rest my voice completely until the weekend and I’m not allowed back at work until next week so cabin fever is setting in.

        Hopefully I won’t go too crazy.

  • Every time you feature this book, I’m convinced I would love it. This teaser sounds so good! I really must move it from my wish list to my TBR pile!

    I’m 11% into the second Liza Perrat book, Wolfangel.

    “The heat intensified with every step as I climbed the attic ladder with a bag of sandwiches – the sultry air the attic snared and confined, so that the Wolfs must have felt they were living in an oven.”

    • Hi Kelly,

      The same applies to the features you are running about the Liza Perrat series. I really do want to get to read the three books back to back, but I have to clear some space in my posting schedule to be able to do that!

      I haven’t checked out the full interview which Dean links to in his reply to you, however I did notice that if you scroll down the page a little further, Dean also chats about the music and bands which influenced him during his writing. Knowing how much you enjoy your music, I thought some of those links might also be of interest to you 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope that all is well with you 🙂

      • Thanks, Yvonne. My satellite connection limitations might limit my ability to listen to the podcast, but I will certainly look for the music info you mentioned!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for deciding to stop by for the first time this week. I enjoy meeting new people and I am always interested in reading all comments and thoughts 🙂

      I have now read a few pages on from these teaser lines and the story is getting better and better. The main protagonist is certainly a complicated character, although that is not all of her own making? …. and I have no idea where the storyline is heading!

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you for deciding to stop by for the first time this week. I enjoy meeting new people and I am always interested in reading all comments and thoughts 🙂

      I am a short way past today’s shared teaser passage, so I do know what takes place immediately after those lines. Dean has an almost magical way with words, which gives great strength and depth to his characters and places and although his three books to date all have fairly diverse storylines, they are all so very real and in such ‘high definition’, so as to immerse even the keenest reader in the action.

      Enjoy your reading week 🙂

    • Hi Laura,

      Yes Indeed! Tense and very chilling just about sums this one up, right from the very first page and it just seems to be getting worse, the more I read …. Great Stuff from Australian author Dean Mayes, I can’t recommend his books highly enough. He manages to get right into the human psyche and brings his characters to life in an amazing way.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I aways appreciate your visits 🙂

    • Hi Vicki,

      I hadn’t even thought about the lines from that perspective, but then I do have the advantage of having read that far into the story.

      It’s amazing how the human brain can assimilate and interpret information so differently. If you read the synopsis link, I think you’ll probably work out what’s going on here and it may not quite be what you thought …. 🙂

      A real spine tingling story so far and I have no idea of the outcome!

      Thanks for stopping by, your comment was so interesting 🙂

    • Hi Mary Ann,

      What for me started off as an intriguing storyline, is now taking on an altogether more sinister and chilling tale, which almost has a life of its own!

      You really should check out the synopsis, you might be in for something of a shock 🙂

    • Hi Wendy,

      I really think this is one you might enjoy, so if you are adding it to your wish list and you happen to track feedback to your comments, you really should pop back over and check out the link Dean has left.

      Not only are there some great links to the music which inspired Dean in his writing, together with an excellent podcast, but there is also a competition running to win copies of ‘The Recipient’, so you could be reading it much sooner than you think 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment, I always appreciate it 🙂

Written by Yvonne