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Wondrous Words Wednesday

An image for the weekly meme Wondrous Words Wednesday… Is a weekly meme where we share new (to us) words that we have encountered in our reading.

It is hosted by Kathy, over at BermudaOnion’s Weblog.

You can either stop by and leave a link to your own ‘mystery’ words of the week, or just browse the eclectic mix of words that others have discovered, there is always a great selection.

Don’t forget that Kathy and the rest of us, all love to read your comments  as well, so that we can visit and share your words of the week!

My words this week, are taken from my current read … ‘The Hapless Valet’ by Lenhardt Stevens.


I shall not gaze at Mina in any but an avuncular manner


Of or relating to an uncle.

Kind and friendly toward a younger or less experienced person: “an avuncular manner”.


Mr. Delaney looked less hunky in the mug shots, yet his eyes conveyed the thrill from the ’cause celebre’ leading to his felony conviction for plotting the destruction of a maquiladora

Image of a maquiladoraMEQUILADORA –

An assembly plant in Mexico, especially one along the border between the United States and Mexico, to which foreign materials and parts are shipped and from which the finished product is returned to the original market.


The expression of goodwill, the actor knew, was a reminder that Barbosa believed he had him by the cojones. The task at hand was to exploit that belief

COJONES  – In Spanish this word literally translates as testicles

                  – In English or US usage the word is used as a metaphor for a brazen or brave attitude

The first English-language text to contain the word cojones as a metaphor for bravery is Ernest Hemingway’s 1932 book on bullfighting, ‘Death in the Afternoon’. “It takes more cojones,” he wrote, “to be a sportsman where death is a closer party to the game.”


Watching these films as a kid on late night TV and at the art houses during her UCLA days planted in her the movie bug and formed the wild gestalt of the mother-daughter relationship

GESTALT – An organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.


“My Mexican grandmother served huevos rancheros to Clark Gable and Carole Lombard in this nook”, the innkeeper said after topping off James Delaney’s coffee.

A picture of a plate of food Huevos RancherosHUEVOS RANCHEROS – “rancher’s eggs” is a popular breakfast dish consisting of eggs served in the style of the traditional large mid-morning fare on rural Mexican farms.

The basic dish consists of fried eggs served upon lightly fried corn tortillas topped with a tomato-chili sauce. Refried beans, Mexican-style rice, slices of avocado, or guacamole are common accompaniments.

I am guessing that the English equivalent of this meal, would be ‘fried egg on toast with baked beans’A plate of fried egg on toast with baked beans. This is not too dissimilar in appearance, although probably does not taste as spicy!

What new words did you discover this week?

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