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Wondrous Words Wednesday

An image for the weekly meme Wondrous Words Wednesday… Is a weekly meme where we share new (to us) words that we have encountered in our reading.It is hosted by Kathy, over at ‘BermudaOnion’s Weblog’.You can either stop by and leave a link to your own ‘mystery’ words of the week, or just browse the eclectic mix of words that others have discovered, there is always a great selection.

Don’t forget that Kathy and the rest of us, all love to read your comments  as well, so that we can visit and share your words of the week!

This week I have come across two more excellent ‘new to me words’ from the book I am currently reading ‘Zaremba, or Love in the Rule Of Law’.

I seem to have taken an inordinate amount of time to finish this book, however I put this down to the fact that I am savouring each and every word and phrase of this fantastic work of Polish Literary Fiction. Its more than 500 pages, are full of such raw emotion and undiscovered feelings, that the reading of them just can’t be rushed. I still have no idea of just where and how the story is going to end, but I can’t wait to find out!!


His speech patterns were a mixture of the lapidary quality of the Polish street and a vocabulary garnered from extensive reading on a range of serious subjects.


1. Adjective: – Relating to the engraving, cutting, or polishing of stones and gems.

2. Noun: – A person who cuts, polishes, or engraves gems.

3. Adjective Of Language: – Elegant and concise, and therefore suitable for engraving on stone:a lapidary statement”


What would seem to lend verisimilitude to the conversation is the fact that it is known that Zaremba recently received a large sum of money from certain Arab businessmen…


1. Noun: – The appearance of being true or real:the detail gives the novel some verisimilitude”

I also have a word from a comment which a new author left in response to a Mailbox Monday post I published to promote his debut novel ‘The Cabinetmaker’. As the story is set in Scotland (Glasgow to be precise), I know just how confusing the dialect can be to the untrained ear, so I have no doubt that I shall be using several words from the book in future WWW posts. I had a good stab at guessing the definition of this word, from the context in which it was used in the sentence, however ‘official’ confirmation is always good, isn’t it? … Besides which, it is just such a great word to say aloud!


As for the slang, and some of the strong language – I swithered about it, but left it in as I felt it made the book more authentic, so hence the inclusion of the slang dictionary (with audio) on the website.


1. Verb … Be uncertain as to which course of action to choose.

2. Noun … A state of uncertainty.

What new words have you discovered this time … I can’t wait to stop by and check them out!

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