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Wondrous Words Wednesday

1. – I found this new to me word, as I was reading the excellent review of ‘Black-Eyed Susans’ by Julia Heaberlin, posted by Wendy over at ‘Musings Of A Bookish Kitty’


As part of her review, Wendy comments …

Working with the appellate team to help save an innocent man from death,Tessa provides what help she can as the team attempts to identify the other victims whose bones were found in the grave. DNA analysis is much more advanced now than it was in 1995 when the trial had taken place. And the hope is new evidence will come to light.

1. (Law) of or relating to appeals

2. (Law) (of a tribunal) having jurisdiction to review cases on appeal and to reverse decisions of inferior courts
2.This next word may be in quite common usage amongst my fellow bloggers out there, however it is the first time I have come across it, but then, this is not a genre which would generally interest me too much. I discovered it whilst visiting the blog of fellow reader Tracy, over at ‘Pen And Paper’, where she had reviewed the book ‘My Real Children’ by Jo Walton.
In her review, Tracy comments …
Far from being sci-fi – the New York Times is quoted as saying ‘…. told through the science fictional conceit of alternate realities, Ellen Kushner as ‘a novel for grown-ups, even ones who think they don’t like science-fiction’ – if pushed I’d personally describe this as as more of what is commonly known as ‘slipstream’ than sci-fi.
Slipstream is a kind of fantastic or non-realistic fiction that crosses conventional genre boundaries between science fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction.
3.Another word courtesy of a fellow blogger, this time the lovely Kelly, over at ‘Kelly’s Thoughts And Ramblings’, where she was reviewing ‘Deadly Election’ by Lindsey Davis.
The first definition for this particular word, was explained in some detail, in the memorable quote itself, however curiosity made me look the word up, where I came across a whole new second definition to add to the mix.
In her review, these are the memorable lines which Kelly chose from the book …
People with asthma should avoid men who are running for office. They are called candidates because on formal occasions they wear robes whitened with chalk. The Latin for “white” is candida. I found this year’s contenders by following the clouds of white dust and bystanders coughing… I am not entirely joking. But the commotion made by the chalkies’ supporters, together with the hoary jeers they were throwing at each other, helped identify them.
1. The ancient Romans had two words for white; albus, a plain white, (the source of the word albino); and candidus, a brighter white. A man who wanted public office in Rome wore a white toga brightened with chalk, called a toga candida, the origin of the word candidate. The Latin word candere meant to shine, to be bright.
2. Candida is a genus of yeasts and is the most common cause of fungal infections worldwide. Many species are harmless commensals or endosymbionts of hosts including humans; however, when mucosal barriers are disrupted or the immune system is compromised they can invade and cause disease. Candida albicans is the most commonly isolated species, and can cause infections (candidiasis or thrush) in humans and other animals. In winemaking, some species of Candida can potentially spoil wines.
That’s it for this time. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you have discovered at least one new word for that all important pub quiz!!

… Is An image for the weekly meme Wondrous Words Wednesdaya weekly meme where we share new (to us) words that we have encountered in our reading. It is hosted by Kathy, over at ‘BermudaOnion’s Weblog’.You can either stop by and leave a link to your own ‘mystery’ words of the week, or just browse the eclectic mix of words that others have discovered, there is always a great selection.

Don’t forget that Kathy and the rest of us, all love to read your comments  as well, so that we can visit and share your words of the week!

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